Why You Should Go to the Gym During Exams

It’s getting to the end of the year, which means final papers and exams to start studying for. Around this time, you get crazy busy and it seems like school is the only thing that matters. However, it’s important to still keep up a social life, a regular sleep schedule and also maybe something else — going to the gym.

I know what you’re thinking: how can I go to the gym when I have exams? Well, that’s actually the reason you should be going. 

It’s a great stress reliever that allows you to take a break from your papers and studying. Going to the gym is an escape from it all. Not only does it give you a good break, but it allows you to spend time on yourself. Exercise isn’t just good for the body, but it’s good for the mind and having a clear mind is always good around this time of year.

There also shouldn’t be any worries if you’re a beginner, or have never been to the gym before, because the gym is empty during exams! Everyone is too busy studying that they forget the gym is a place. This is great if you are a regular gym goer because you won’t have to stand around waiting for a machine to be free, but it also gives newcomers a chance to use machines. If you’re nervous about the number of other people that may be where you can forget about that worry. On the odd chance that you do something wrong or flat out embarrassing, practically no one is going to see it.
You can also use this an opportunity to start going to the gym. With school being done, you’ll need something to do over the summer. This is your chance to make going to the gym a part of your routine. You can use now to test the waters to see how you like it, then come next year, going to the gym will be a regular thing.

During the exam period, there aren’t any classes, leaving us with a lot of spare time. A majority of that time will go to studying, but why not spend some of it at the gym? We’re lucky enough to be able to have a gym to attend for free, so it’s best to use it while you can and make going to the gym a benefit, rather than a chore.