Why Passionate Doesn't Equal Crazy: Feminism 101

I think everyone should have passions. It makes you care and it makes you aware. That’s why I consider myself a feminist. Feminism is 100% a passion of mine, but the term has been so misconstrued that I sometimes feel uncomfortable or defensive when I say to others that I am a feminist. 

It is such a strong term that is so misunderstood. There are so many negative stereotypes encircling feminism as a whole and we need to do something about it! I am not ready to defend myself in every conversation regarding feminism, because there is no need to! It is an amazing thing and I am so proud to be an advocate for change.

If you search term “feminism” in Google or any other search engine, a definition pops up and this definition perfectly encapsulates what feminism means. “The advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” That’s it. All we want is equality, but this definition is hidden from the eyes of so many. A lot of people I meet, when I tell them I’m a feminist, automatically assume I hate men. They think that when I say I’m a feminist, they need to put their guard up because I’m going to go all girl power crazy and rip up the male species. Obviously, this is not true, but regardless of what I say, they feel as though they need to defend males at all costs.

Many of these people, mostly males, like to bring up the fact that they have mothers, sisters, aunts and girlfriends which automatically makes them care for women’s rights, but then start discussing the fact that males are smarter, stronger, more successful, and how against feminists they are. Look, I am not looking to destroy mankind or screw over every man that I come into contact with, but what I am looking for is balance. I’m looking for those little girls in under developed countries to get the schooling their male friends have, I’m looking for women across North America to get paid as much as their male colleagues. I am looking for change. I do not think feminists are crazy. I think we kick ass and are changing the world.

We are not psychotic or domineering to males, we are women looking for our place in society and standing up for girls everywhere who experience constant neglect, abuse and injustice based on the fact they are female. Getting into a heated argument about women’s predominance in sports or the wage gap in North America with someone who is blinded from this uncommon, yet simple definition does not make me crazy, it makes me passionate.

So Brad, keep saying that all feminists are crazy. That we don’t shave our armpits. That we don’t care about a single man on earth. That women are the lesser gender because while you’re out there watching reruns of Letterkenny and favouriting Meninist tweets on Twitter, us feminists will be changing the fricking world!

And if that makes me crazy, then I am completely nuts.