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Why Joining My University’s Her Campus Chapter Was the Best Decision of My Undergraduate Career

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Last August, I accepted the position of Director of Marketing here at Her Campus Laurier. As I did when I was a general member on the writing team, I would like to reflect on why joining HC Laurier was the best decision I have made in my undergraduate career. 

My time as a writer was my first experience being a part of this club and it brought me into a community that allowed me to express my thoughts and become a published writer. As the winter 2022 semester has come to an end, I now have the chance to reflect on what I have learned from those on my team. 

The first thing that surprised me was that I could see our team in a new light. With a team of entirely new executives, we were all able to learn from one another. A lot of things were trial and error for us, but nonetheless, we made it through. I also had the opportunity to make new connections with the team and put myself out there, something I was afraid to do as a writer and a new member of a large club.

As Director of Marketing, I was able to collaborate with the events team regularly while playing the role of an "outsider looking in" on the writing team. I can't express how hard working the HC Laurier team is; as executives, it is practically a part-time job. It taught me how to time manage and learn to meet deadlines more precisely than ever. I have a part-time job and I am enrolled in full-time classes on top of this position here. It gave me structure and a team that had my back when I needed it. That being said, the general members are just as much the foundation that makes this team. This is something that I didn't realize when I was a writer, but HC Laurier would not be possible without them. 

This year, I also had the opportunity to work closely with the Social Media Director, who helped me run our team meetings, organize content and arrange schedules to manage the social media platforms. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as Marketing Director and had a lot of fun seeing our platforms grow and be decorated with all the creative posts from the marketing team. It also allowed me to engage with the HC audience in a different fashion than writing brought. Thanks to this position, I was also able to make true and lifelong friends in a community of like-minded people that I probably would not have met had I not taken this opportunity. 

Alongside the more professional matters, this year brought along a lot of fun things too. After a two-year pandemic, which is still not over, but thanks to the lifting of restrictions and vaccinations, HC Laurier was able to hold several in-person events. Our first one was the club fair, some online movie nights and an outdoor paint session in the fall. Once the winter semester rolled around, we hosted a girl's night social where we were able to finally see each other in person. At the end of March, a few members and I dressed up to attend the AUS (Arts Undergraduate Society) Secret Garden Gala, where HCWLU was presented with an AUS Club Award! In addition to this, one of the highlights for our team was being able to hold booths on several occasions in the concourse, collecting donations and gaining exposure for our university's chapter. 

I can, of course, accredit Her Campus Laurier for bringing me my first experiences in social media management and marketing and helping me get my feet off the ground in my field of study. As a creative outlet for myself and the team, HC Laurier has presented us with an empowering female community that is unlike any other. I have developed a bond with the HC mission and the people of this club that will go on for years long after my undergraduate. As for what’s next in my undergraduate career, I am not too sure, but it will definitely involve HC Laurier!

A tremendous thank you to my entire executive team for your hard work, dedication, and friendship. You are all very special to me! To the entire HC Laurier community, thank you for trusting me as the Marketing Director and I will see you soon!

Kristyn Cole

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Kristyn is an outgoing and determined student who loves to take photos, listen to music, and hang out with friends. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, and occasionally going shopping! Kris loves chocolate-covered strawberries and huskies. She joined Wilfrid Laurier's Her Campus in the Fall 2020 Semester to pursue her passion for writing.
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