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On the 22nd of November, I turned 21. Trying desperately to not think about the fact that time during the pandemic feels static and I still feel about 19 years old, I threw myself into planning a party with my friends. 

Originally, I hadn’t planned on having a theme. However, I had been to a party for a friend back in September with a Mad Men theme. While I hadn’t seen the show and was generally lost on how to dress for it, it was so much fun to make the effort to get properly dressed up for a party since every social gathering I (and everyone else) had been to was over Zoom. 

Thinking back to this when planning my own party, I decided to also incorporate a theme. 

What theme you may ask?

It will be no surprise to those that know me that I chose to have a House of Gucci theme. I had been following the film’s production since it was announced – I was on Twitter alongside thousands of others who were freaking out over the viral image of Lady Gaga shoving a panzerotti into Adam Driver’s mouth. Will there ever be another image that is as iconic and bizarre as that? I don’t think so. 

So, excited about my choice of theme, I notified my friends and started planning my outfit. 

On the day of, everyone I invited to my party came dressed to match the theme – I also ensured that the décor of the party matched the theme as well. 

Naturally, no one was wearing anything Gucci (pretty unobtainable on a modest student budget). However, it was still simple to fit the theme. 

Based on how fun this was to plan and carry out, I encourage everyone to try having a themed party. It doesn’t have to be for a birthday either – you could be especially chaotic and have a themed Christmas party. Maybe have everyone dress up as their favourite Christmas decoration?

It is my belief that you are NEVER too old to play dress-up. Everyone secretly loves doing it and encouraging them to do so for a party is always worth it. 

We’ve all been locked inside for so long – now is the time to be extra and have the dream-themed party that we’ve always wished to have. (One dream party I’d like to have at some point is a ‘Barbie Renaissance’ theme where everyone dresses up as their favourite Barbie character from her “golden era” – ie, the Barbie films that came out in the early 2000s). 

No theming idea is too big or too small – give it a try! You might just surprise yourself.

Bronte Behling

Wilfrid Laurier '23

A second year Cultural Studies and Film Studies double major student at Wilfrid Laurier University, Bronte has had a passion for creative writing since middle school where she took an online summer course about J.R.R Tolkien's the Silmarillion. A cat lover, Star Wars fan and podcast enthusiast she aims to gain more writing experience through this publication in order to pursue her post-degree goal of becoming a journalist.
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