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A Whole New World: A Survival Guide to Your First Week

Your first week at university or college can be a really exciting, but also a very overwhelming time. Schools ensure that the first week is filled with many things to do, and new opportunities to meet people and get involved. It can be a little overwhelming with so much on the agenda, but here are some tips from a first year on how to survive your first week. 

Befriend Your Roommates

The thought of living with people you have never met before can be a little scary at first. Make it your goal when you first settle in to get to know your roommates! Talk about your interests and your home life. You’d be surprised as to how much you may have in common with someone you once thought was a complete stranger. Odds are they are just as nervous as you, so this little talk will definitely settle everyone’s nerves. The people you live with could end up being some of your best friends!

Get to Know Your Building and the People in It

Your res is going to be your home for the next 8 months! Once you are moved in, take a little tour of the building. Find out where everything you would need access to is. Some of these things may include exits besides the front door, the laundry room, and where your mailbox may be located. Also, put in the effort to meet your neighbours and floormates. Your roommates may be cool, but it’s always fun to know who’s living next door, especially when you run out of food.

Visit the Hawk Shop & The Book Store

One of the most exciting parts of going to a new school is ALL of the apparel you can deck yourself out in. At Laurier, the Hawk Shop and Book Store have every little piece of Laurier apparel you could ever wish for. Make sure to check these places out so you can represent Laurier wherever you go, and so you’re set with an outfit for all future school events! Visiting the Book Store is also beneficial in the sense that you can see all they have to offer! Besides clothes, this is the place to get your textbooks and any other school supply related products you may need! 

Get to Know your Don 

Although Don’s are a little intimidating and are the ones that set the rules, get to know them! They are going to be the ones that you turn to when you have questions, and they are there to help! They are there to keep us safe and make sure we follow the rules, but they are also there to be our friends and guide us through this transition. Don’t be intimidated at all! 

Sit Next to Someone New

When going to classes, sit next to someone new! It may be scary at first, but everyone is in the same boat as you. Sitting next to someone you don’t know is the best way of making new friends at school, and finding yourself a good study buddy. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Everyone around you knows that this transition is one of the biggest you’ve ever been through. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions! All of the staff and older students are there to help you! They want to make this transition as easy as possible! Become familiar with all of the resources that are available to students and use them to your advantage!

Remember to make every second count, and don’t be afraid! 


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