What to Do Once You’re Done Midterms

It’s your last midterm and you’re finally finished. It’s like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’re free! But what do you do now?

After all that studying, you’re finished. The long nights of skimming over textbooks and highlighting notes are over. You may be wondering if it was it worth it, if you did well enough or if you should have stayed up later that one night to study, but that thinking has to stop. The best thing you can do for yourself is relax. You’ve just spent sleepless nights looking at your computer screen trying to retain information. You need a break.

Make a day just for yourself to do something you enjoy. Dedicate it to mastering a hobby, or spend the day relaxing. Run a warm bath to unwind with your favorite bath bomb, paint your nails a bright colour or use a facemask to relieve all that stress! Anything that you find relaxing is perfect.

You could also spend time binge watching the show you started while you were studying. Now you’ll actually be able to appreciate it better without midterms in the back of your mind! You can focus more on the show and have enough time to create your own fan theories. As fun as stress watching Netflix is, it's better to watch when the show is the only thing on your mind. 

Speaking of shows, maybe invite some friends over to watch TV with or hang out. During midterms, the only time you've had to see your friends was quickly between classes or because of the relatable meme you sent them while procrastinating studying. Now you have time to spend with your friends! Who doesn’t want to throw a ‘mini exams are over’ party? Bake a cake or bust out the new Mario Kart app and see who the best racer is. As long as you and your friends are having fun, that’s all that matters. 

Midterms are one of the most stressful times of the year. Once we finish them we deserve to take a break and treat ourselves. It’s important to take some time off and focus on self-care. Enjoy the little break you have before school picks up again!