What Cocktail Each Bachelor Contestant Would Be

DISCLAIMER: If you’re not caught up on the current season of The Bachelor, I recommend reading at your own discretion. There will be some spoilers!

This season of The Bachelor has been one like no other. I’m new to the show and have rarely watched it before, but after my roommate told me about all the drama that’s been going on this season, I decided I had to start watching. After only watching five episodes, I’ve been able to form some opinions on the contestants and decided to make some observations about them. Without further ado, here is my list of what cocktail each Bachelor contestant would be. Quick shoutout to my roommate Kulnita for helping me out with some of these!

Serena P

Laurier alumni Serena P has been killing it this season. She never causes drama and always focuses on her own relationship with the bachelor Matt James, but she also knows how to have fun. She’s super flirty and knows when to have a good laugh. Serena P is definitely a fan favorite and has been getting a lot of attention from Bachelor Nation recently. For these reasons, Serena P would be something fruity and light, like a mimosa. Her high spirits mixed with her seriousness towards her relationship are some qualities that give her mimosa vibes.


Queen Victoria, as she likes to call herself, is one of the most dramatic and wild Bachelor contestants this season. She’s always looking to stir up drama with the other contestants and make others cower in her presence. Those that don’t like her got to see her get booted off the show recently, where she caused drama even when leaving. Queen Victoria gives off Bloody Mary vibes (I might be biased because I don’t like tomato juice, and I also never really liked Victoria). She added some spice to the show, but it was never good in the long run.


Next up we have Katie, a contestant that is always caught in the middle of Victoria's drama. She was a fan favorite until she got kicked off the show rather suddenly. Katie is mature and never stood for any drama going on in the house. She was respectful of all the other contestants and stood up for herself and others. Whenever someone was stirring up drama, her fiery side came out when she defended them. For these reasons, Katie would definitely be a cosmopolitan. I always think of cosmopolitans as more of a mature drink, like Katie, with some sweetness.


Last up is Kit, one of the youngest contestants who is still completing her undergrad. Kit is a flirty New Yorker with a great fashion sense and sense of humor. She recently had a one-on-one with Matt James where they cooked together. During this date, Kit expressed her love for her family and her commitment to a serious relationship. Because of Kit’s fun side, but also her heartfelt and genuine side, she would have to be a sparkling Campari orange cocktail. These are sweet and fizzy but simple and refreshing.

Week after week, there’s new drama in the house and new frontrunners in the competition. If you’ve never watched The Bachelor before, I recommend watching a couple of episodes because it gets really dramatic and interesting. These girls will do anything to win Matt James’ heart. That’s just the fun of reality TV, am I right? Until next week, we can only sit and wait to see who gets those next roses. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some of these contestants sipping on their drinks prior to the rose ceremony…