University Feelings as Told by Mean Girls

University is hard and these are some of the daily thoughts and feelings that we all experience:

How I felt getting into uni

Vs. how I feel now

Calculating your GPA

Going to your profs’ office hours and sitting there like

“Meal prep is easy!”

Wearing whatever you can find because doing laundry is not an option

When you open MLS and there’s a red dot

Trying to do readings and realizing you have no idea what is going on

“Attendance is mandatory”

Your parents trying to convince you that university isn’t ruining you

… But in reality, uni has hit you like a big yellow bus

When you finally get to go to Phil’s and your inner drunk you makes an appearance

What is the socially acceptable amount of times you can eat pizza in one week? Oh wait

“Did you do your mandatory readings?

When your prof bell curves the midterm/final

The daily thought of dropping out

Then fourth year hits and you get super excited to be done