The Types of Friends You Make in University

University is a time in our lives when we get to meet so many new and different people. Throughout my university experience, I have found that I have made “types” of friends for the various aspects of my life here at school, so I decided to compile a list of them!

Your first-year roommates/floormates

If you lived in res in your first year, you probably know that it’s very easy to become pretty close with the people you’re living with. You bond with your roommates automatically, whether you chose them or not, because you are together so often. Your floormates also become a major part of your life throughout first year and you find yourself spending a lot of time hanging out with them as well. Some of us stay very close throughout the rest of university and some of the friendships fade apart as the years go on. Either way, you always see each other on campus and make sure to say hi when you do! 

Your program/class friends

These are the people that you get to know through your classes. They are the people you meet up with to do work together or study for the same tests. Having friends in the same program as you is always helpful because you have someone else going through the same things as you school-wise. I recommend introducing yourself to people in each of your classes and getting to know them because it always ends up being helpful when you can send each other notes, study together, etc.

Extracurricular friends

This is somewhat similar to the last type, but these are the people you become friends with from being involved in extracurricular activities at school, whether they be sports, clubs, etc. Sometimes they can be people you feel as though you may not have gotten to know otherwise. However, you bond together over your shared interest in something and become close because of it.

The going out/party friends

These are the people who you may not see on an everyday basis but you always meet up when you are out, or you often make plans to party together. I have some friends like this and because our friend-groups/lives are so different, we don’t hang out all that often one on one, but we try to make sure we see each other on the weekends or when we both know we’ll be going out. It can be super fun going out and hanging out with these types of friends because it’s new people to be around who you may not see too often otherwise.  

Your work friends

If you have a job during the school year, or over the summer during university, you know that sometimes you become good friends with your coworkers. This is mostly due to the amount of time you have to spend together and the fact that work would not be as enjoyable without getting to know them! You may or may not spend time with them outside of work hours, but either way, you still build a great friendship.

Your friend “soulmates”

I’m a big believer in the fact that you can have soulmates that are friends. For me, these are my current roommates/best friends at school. We do pretty much everything together and are constantly laughing when we’re hanging out. These are the friends who are a bit of a combination of all the best parts of the previously mentioned types of friends. They are always there for you, you spend the most time with them and you honestly never get tired of them. Whether you are just watching a movie together, going out for dinner or having a night out, you know you’re going to have a great time with them. Between all the inside jokes, funny stories and fun memories, these are the friendships that you grow during university, but that are most likely going to last you for life.