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’Twas the Weeks Before Exam Season…

Now that St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, it means one thing: the end of the semester is near. There are only a few weeks left before we are pulling all-nighters in the library and running on caffeine. Before the worst time of the year approaches, here are some ways you can make the most of it!

1. Get the bar bender over with

Let’s be honest, everyone wants nothing more than to go to Phil’s mid-exam season, but it’s impossible to do so and be studious. The best thing to do in this situation is go on a bender. No assignments due tomorrow? Time to hit up the bar. Getting it out of your system by bingeing on it is the only way you won’t have FOMO during exam season.

2. Finish your current Netflix season

There’s nothing worse than studying for exams, knowing you have one season left of your show on Netflix. So finish it off! Binge watching Netflix is not something you want to be tempted to do mid-exam season.

3. Get into a routine

Stop sleeping all day and staying up all night. It’s not good for you! This might be fine during the semester, but in order to get the best studying done, it’s better to go to bed and get up at a decent time. We all know these changes in routine don’t happen overnight, so do yourself a favour and kick start the exam routine.

4. Visit home

The dreaded exam period for a lot of us means being trapped on campus 24/7 for a month. Before this becomes the case, go home! Get a nice home cooked meal, cuddle your pet, and have your parents do some laundry for you. What more could a university student ask for pre-exam season?!

5. Catch up on schoolwork

This one isn’t really optional when the semester is coming to an end. Those discussion posts you thought you could put off all semester? Yeah, those are still waiting for you to do them. The last few weeks of a semester are precious catch-up season. Hand in any forgotten work and do the damn discussion posts!

6. Actually go to class

The last few weeks of class seem like a good time to stay home and sleep all day, but the last few weeks can be super beneficial as exams approach. You never know when a prof will drop hints on the exam, and it’s also your last chance to show your prof you really care. So get to class and participate too!

7. Meal prep

This doesn’t get enough appreciation. It’s the middle of the week and you’re getting those last minute assignments done, and of course have no time to cook. Meal prepping is the perfect way to avoid this. Sunday make all of your meals for the week and pack them away for a busy day!

8. Clean

There’s not much worse than trying to study in a disastrous room or not having clean clothes to wear to the library. So do yourself (and the civilians of the library) a favour and clean for once before you enter the period of no spare time. 

9. Treat yo’ self

You’re about to enter weeks of hell, so you definitely deserve that Marble Slab cone or a late night pizza run.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make exam season not suck, but there these few tips should help make the most out of our last few weeks of freedom. To top it off, how motivating is it knowing freedom is only a few weeks away?! Good luck, collegiettes!

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