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Tips and Tricks for Staying Safe and Having Fun on St. Paddy’s Day

Get ready folks! It’s time to pull out the green shirts, the green glitter, the green beads, paint, shoes, and whatever else that you can find that’s green ‘cause … you guessed it! St. Patrick’s Day is coming!!

Now, we know Laurier is notorious for our St. Patrick’s Day party … we go hard … like really hard …

Which can be fun, but it can also get us in a little bit of trouble. So, this St. Patrick’s Day, let’s make sure we have the most fun in the safest way and avoid any … uh …. indiscretions.

Start Your Day Off Right.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they are not lying. If you’re planning on drinking at all during the day, make sure you’ve got something else in your stomach. Make it a part of the fun! Host a brunch with your pals: go out for breakfast at one of our town’s fine establishments or make your own breakfast at home – I’ve heard that green pancakes are a fun and festive, and they’ll get you full of alcohol soaking carbs!

Have a Game Plan.

Waterloo gets rowdy on St. Paddy’s day, so you gotta make sure you know where you’re heading and have a solid plan for your day.

The university area gets packed with students from Laurier and other schools, so it’s important to know what your plan is just in case you lose your group!

Have a Group.

Please, please, please have a group! Like I said, before it gets C R A Z Y in town on St. Patrick’s Day, you gotta make sure you have someone(s) looking out for you. Even if you are sober, other people aren’t and people can make some dumb and dangerous decisions when under the influence, so make sure you’ve got a squad watching your back!

Take Breaks.

As fun as it might sound, drinking all day isn’t actually good for your body. So, make sure you take some breaks during the day. Take a nap or watch some TV. Make it a fun part of your day! Watch a St. Patrick’s Day movie with your pals or watch all the episodes of St. Patrick Day specials of TV shows, or just watch all the movies starring actors named Patrick (Patrick Dempsey and Sir Patrick Stewart are great choices).

I mean, look at this man.

Look. At. This. Man. Respect Authority.

I know, I know, it might seem like the man is out to get you when someone comes along and tells you to go somewhere else, turn down your music, or dump out your drinks, but you’ve gotta remember that chances are, this is the last thing they want to be doing and they are only doing their job.

The police officers, campus securities, resident officials, and your dons are really only looking out for you, so please give them a break and be nice and listen – getting arrested or in any other kind of trouble will only put a damper on your day!

So please, go out and have fun! Enjoy the experience of St. Patrick’s Day at Laurier, but remember to be safe! Know your limit, stay within it!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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