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All my life I pictured myself going to a One Direction concert where Harry would spot me in the crowd and tell security to take me backstage. There I would wait for him and when he arrived, we would fall in love and the rest would be history. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, a part of that story is true, and it goes like this.

It’s June 16th, 2018, and my friend Missi and I are in tears driving to Toronto, screaming and crying to the lyrics of Harry Styles’ first solo album. That night was the night we were going to see Harry perform solo with our own eyes. Months prior, we had made the decision as seniors in high school to spoil ourselves with close tickets to Harry’s concert. The tickets were $400, and we knew it was a lot of money, but these tickets were the FOURTH ROW to the left of the main stage, so we knew it was beyond worth it.

After hours of anticipation and preparing for the concert, we made our way into the Air Canada Centre. We found our seats and were freaking out. These seats were INCREDIBLE. We were so close to the stage. There was a little boy sitting either in front of us or behind us who wore a cute blue bedazzled suit and a Harry hat with his nails painted. The suit looked exactly like something Harry would wear! We talked to him and his sister for a bit and got a selfie with the adorable mini-Harry.

Eventually, the screen that acted kind of like a curtain began to rise, smoke emerged with a white light behind it and Harry’s silhouette was prominent mid-stage. This is the point where Missi and I couldn’t believe our eyes. He was so close to us.

We spent the concert crying, singing, screaming and just freaking out at how close we really were to our biggest role model. With four songs left in the concert, Harry kind of stopped his set to talk to the crowd like he always does. He was making his way around when he finally looked in the direction of our section. Now, this is where it gets good.

He looks over in our section and notices the suit of our new friend, mini-Harry. He says, “That suit is exceptional” to the little boy, and I do not know what was going through my head at that moment but my body just kind of started to move in weird ways. I started doing all sorts of weird dance moves, maybe because I was overwhelmed that his eyes were so close to looking at me but who knows. Nevertheless, there I go with these freaky dance moves and of course, he notices. He points at me laughing, asking me twice, “What is that?” He then asks, “What was THAT move?” He laughs again and says, “Stop make— stop doing that, what was that move?” Finally, he tops it off with a “No, I’m not sure about that one.” My knees immediately felt weak and I completely toppled over onto the ground with Missi. We were bawling our eyes out. Harry Styles just talked to me.

Now if you do not know this kind of love for an incredible role model like Harry Styles, you wouldn’t understand how much these few words really meant to me. I still consider that day one of the best days of my life. Maybe it wasn’t the reason I always thought he would point me out of the crowd for but hey, he still pointed me out!

I have loved Harry Styles since the first time I saw One Direction perform “Torn” on The X-Factor. If you had the privilege of living in the One Direction era as a directioner, I am sure you share the same kind of passionate love/obsession for this incredible man as well. Days later, I found a YouTube video of our little encounter and relived the entire experience. You can’t see me in the video because of the angle but apparently, I was on the big screen! Skip to 0:49 to see the exact moment.

In all seriousness, this article should really be titled “The Time I Made a Fool of Myself in Front of the Love of My Life” but I am trying to forget about the embarrassing aspect of it all. I would pay/do anything to experience it all again.

Maya Allen

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Maya is a second-year communications major and global studies minor. Her passions include travelling, helping others, staying active, cooking and Harry Styles. She is a group exercise instructor at Wilfrid Laurier and loves the program. This is her first semester as a writer for Her Campus and she is so excited!
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