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Thoughts You’ve Probably Had Mid-Hookup

Whether we want to admit it or not, mid-hookup our minds tend to wander sometimes, and that is ok! We’ve all been there, and we’ve all probably had thoughts along the same lines. Here are a few thoughts that you have probably had right before things got too heated for you to be distracted.

“My Ex Was So Much Better”

The post break-up hookup. It happens. After our relationships, or consistent hookups end, we have to move on at some point. The first hookup after this can be a little weird at times and often leads us to remember how good our ex was at everything.

“What’s for Dinner?”

Lots of activity does build up an appetite, and hey, when is food ever NOT on your mind?

“How Much Longer?”

This is when you know you have gotten yourself into something you just cannot get out of. Stick in there girl! It’ll be over soon! And it is totally ok to tell your significant other that you have had ENOUGH.


Excuse me, but why did you not cut your nails? Some people get a little excited, and a little rough in a not-so-good way. We’ve all been in that moment where we want to say “ow,” but hold back with all we’ve got.

“Did they appreciate my hot matching bra and underwear?”

We have put a lot of time and effort into making sure our bra and underwear are hot and match, and even channel our inner VS model! It would be nice to get some recognition, and we are always left wondering if our hard work is being appreciated. 

“Am I doing this right?”

It happens, especially when we’re trying new things, and the little bit of self-consciousness kicks in.

“F*ck, Did I Shave!?” 

The mini heart attack we’ve all had when a spontaneous hookup comes our way and we didn’t have too much time to prepare.

“I need to put my hair up.”

Shout out to the girls with long hair that tends to go EVERYWHERE. We’ve all had this little thought when things are intense, but we’ve all had to stop to move our long locks in a way that will not kill the mood.

We’re all in this one together, and we’ve all been through it. Our minds can wander to the most interesting of places, but that is what keeps all of these moments exciting and memorable! 

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