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Supporting a Stylish and Vibrant Small Business: KulnitaCo

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Supporting small and local businesses within your community is rewarding and beneficial for so many reasons. I’ve found so many hidden gems by supporting local and there’s no doubt that you’ll find some too. One of my favourite small businesses that I’ve come across is KulnitaCo (@KulnitaCo on Instagram), is a vibrant and unique apparel business with stylish clothes and big ideas. The brand’s owner, Kulnita Hor, creates tie-dye clothes with bright colours and minimalistic designs. I had the pleasure of talking with Kulnita to learn a little more about her unique small business. Let me just say this before we get to the good stuff, no matter what your style is, you’re bound to find something that you absolutely love in her shop!

Starting off, I wanted to know why Kulnita started her business. She is currently a fourth-year business student here at Laurier and working off-campus, which keeps her quite busy. Starting a brand-new business from scratch while being that busy can’t be easy. Like most of us, Kulnita was bored at home last summer, during the height of the pandemic, so she decided to look for something to do. She mentioned that her inspiration for her designs was seeing a friend’s tie-dye hoodie, “I remembered really liking my friend’s tie-dye hoodie that she had so I went on Amazon and saw that it was quite expensive, so I decided to make my own. Since I was purchasing all the necessary products anyway and was going to have a lot of products leftover, I decided to start my own tie-dye apparel company!” And just like that, KulnitaCo was born. Being a business student, Kulnita has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, so she already had some tools in her arsenal when it came to the actual business side of her shop.

KulnitaCo initially started as a tie-dye business but has since expanded into embroidery! Her shop offers bright and vibrant colours, as well as neutral tones if that’s more your style. Her products are of great quality and will last a long time (case in point being the awesome bleach reversed tie-dye sweatpants that I bought one year ago that still look like they’re brand new). If I were to describe her business in three words, I would probably say: unique, stylish, and vibrant. All of her products are so cohesive yet so different from each other at the same time. She has a range of clothes to choose from, from t-shirts and hoodies to sweatpants and socks. Kulnita’s favourite item in her shop is the flower bunch embroidered crewneck, “It’s in a lovely neutral shade and it’s so minimal.” It seems like it would be the perfect casual crewneck for the fall.

When I asked Kulnita about potentially expanding her business even more than she already has, she said that she is open to the opportunity of scaling her business further. She said, “I’ve been thinking about creating my own Shopify site as well. Hopefully, I can get my products to some of my favourite influencers too, I think it would be really cool!” KulnitaCo can currently be found on Etsy, but expanding to Shopify would definitely be a big next step! She also talked about some of the ups and downs of being a young entrepreneur, saying, “It’s hard to get consistent business, sometimes I’ll get multiple orders in one day, other times I’ll get like one a week. It’s also been tough to juggle at times while I’m doing school full-time and another part-time job, but having my parents assist me with packaging and shipping has been really helpful!” Being that busy AND running your own business? Super impressive.

If you don’t believe me about Kulnita’s products, just look at some of her reviews:

“Amazing style – love how it turned out.”

“Love this. Fast shipping and the quality was even better than expected. Highly recommend.”

“Such a cute sweater! Seller was so accommodating to the details of what I wanted, and the embroidery is done so well! Sweater is super soft and cute!”

If you’re looking for some new and unique clothes to fill your closet, this is your sign to check out KulnitaCo. Her affordable and stylish clothes are bound to appeal to you, whatever your style. I just want to quickly thank Kulnita for allowing me to ask her some of these questions and write this article on her amazing small business!

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