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Struggles of Always Being Tired

For anyone who loves to sleep as much as I do, you know just how difficult it can be making it through the day. School is hard enough when you feel awake and refreshed, let alone when you’re exhausted all the time! Here are some common experiences that we sleepy girls go through on a daily basis. 

Waking up

Just getting out of bed is the biggest struggle of the day. How many times a morning do you hit the “snooze” button on your alarm before you get out of bed? (Or not)

Sleeping through alarms

Speaking of alarms, how many times a week do you actually sleep through your alarm? I have been known to sleep through my alarm on full volume, while at the same time it wakes everyone else up in the house. Make sure to set multiple!

Waking up at the last minute

How many times have you thought to yourself “I’m going to wake up early tomorrow and dress cute and do my makeup?” Or “I’m going to get up early and study!” Then you wake up in the morning, snooze your alarm, and just go back to sleep. 

Missing breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet sleeping until the last minute means I usually end up skipping breakfast. Then your stomach grumbles all morning and you feel even more tired because you have no food in your body. Moral of the story is wake up ten minutes earlier and eat something! On a side note, try not to sleep through lunch or nap through dinner either…..

Napping through work time

How many times have you sat down to do homework and decided you’re too tired and gone to sleep? Or ACTUALLY fall asleep WHILE doing your work. We’ve all been there, but when you’re sleepy all the time, this is a regular occurrence.  

Getting through a whole movie is Impossible

I’m lucky if I make it through the first fifteen minutes.


You probably drink so much coffee and tea to stay awake, only to have a caffeine crash and repeat the cycle.

Tired no matter how long you sleep

You probably get told all the time “you need to go to bed earlier!” Well, guess what? I could sleep for 12 hours every day and STILL be exhausted.

Boring lecture? Game over

There is nothing worse than a really boring lecture and having to struggle to stay awake. I doze off in a class all the time and have fallen asleep more than I’m willing to admit. Don’t pretend like you haven’t fallen asleep in class!

Spare time? Nap

Any extra time to yourself is spent napping…. guaranteed.

You can sleep anywhere.

…..literally anywhere. Car, plane, table, floor. You name it.

Alright, now go take a nap.

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