Strategies for Taking a Step Back

From a millisecond, a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days, time remains with us. We, however, let this time slip through our fingers when we are too busy living in the moment. In our everyday lives, we see new faces, talk about different topics, partake in various adventures and achieve our goals. It is clear that living in the present is a good thing, but by doing this we try to pack as much as we can into the present.

Taking on more than we can chew can prove harmful. Amid our hectic lives, one needs to realize that it is okay to simply take a step back and relax. Nobody wants to carry an accumulating amount of stress as it will only pile up until we reach our breaking point. Giving yourself time to regain control will allow you to feel more refreshed and with these following strategies, your brain will be recharged in no time.

1) Meditate

This is pretty self-explanatory considering various scientific studies have supported the effectiveness of meditation. Closing your eyes and focusing purely on your breathing patterns makes it much easier to centralize thoughts and reach a state of mindfulness. Giving yourself moments like these allow you to reflect and ponder the main stressors of your everyday life and how to combat them. Just make sure you don’t get so relaxed that you fall asleep!

2) Spontaneous Dancing

Footloose, Hairspray, La La Land, you name it!  They all taught us one thing: to have a good time, all it takes is a little jig to your favourite song to get the ball rolling. What better place to do it than in your home? You could take a few pointers from Tom Cruise’s moves in Risky Business, but dancing in your underwear is up to your own discretion.

3) Gardening

Some of you may look past this idea considering that it could get messy. However, you don’t need to go out of your way to produce an abundant garden of alluring flowers…unless you have the drive to do so. You could start small by buying small plants to liven up your living space. Putting your time into watering and caring for your plant to see it thrive from your efforts will surely bring personal satisfaction. Personally, I think little cactus plants look so cute, as long as you don’t get too curious and touch them with your fingers!

4) Taking it in Strides

Being cooped up inside your house for too long can leave you feeling irritable and claustrophobic. Take a step outside and walk around your neighbourhood/ town. I challenge you to do this without your headphones in. Resorting to blasting your music into your headphones blocks out your surroundings, whether it would be the sounds of birds chirping or leaves blowing through the wind. 

5) Decluttering

Let’s be frank. We all like to cherish and hold onto our possessions. Even if they’re worn out clothing or an empty bottle of your “favourite perfume,” we all try to make some excuse to keep items that no longer hold any value. With that in mind, the next time you relax, go through your closet or even your belongings to sort out the ones you no longer need.

Get ready to embark on a route of relaxation with these suggestions.