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Spring Has Sprung: The Benefits of Getting Your Vitamin D

The time has finally come! Spring is here and the weather has never been more beautiful. The sun is out, and the birds have finally started chirping every morning. Even our days have been extended due to daylight savings. If you were a university student pre-covid, you know how easy it was to get outside during this nice weather. You could just walk to class or meet up at a coffee shop or patio with some friends to get your daily dose of spring sunshine. But nowadays, it can be a little trickier. Now that the spring weather has finally arrived, all we want to do is get outside and enjoy the sunshine, but it can be difficult when you have three assignments looming over your head and two lectures that are waiting for you. Try to find some time during your busy, school-filled days to get up and go outside if you can. There are tons of benefits and you’ll thank yourself for doing so after the fact.

The winter was really tough on me, especially because I was trying to balance four online courses and a part-time job, as well as the constant stress that covid has caused. I felt like all I was doing was working and completing assignments. It was a constant cycle that I couldn’t seem to escape. I couldn’t even go on a walk to get out of my apartment if I wanted to because it was super cold and icy. It sucked. Now that we have some warm and sunny days ahead of us, my mood has already started to shift. I’m finding that the couple of times that I’ve been outside so far have been amazing and have brightened my whole day. Spring sunshine is a way to escape all of your work and stress and bask in the warm weather for a little while. The good thing is the weather isn’t so unbearably hot that you’re sweating, but it’s not cold enough that you need your winter jacket.

Getting outside this spring can also inspire you to try out some fun, covid-friendly activities. You can go on picnics, socially distanced walks with your friends or hang out at your local park playing frisbee or soccer with your roommates or family. You can go check out your town’s local flower garden, or if you live by a lake, walk along the pier or beach. The past couple of times that I’ve gone out, I’ve gone on walks through the park with my roommates, and I’ve also gone on a run with my sister. It’s been an awesome way to destress for a little bit. In the future, I plan to go on socially distant sushi picnics with my hometown friends and hopefully challenge them to a game of soccer in the park. There are so many covid-friendly spring activities that you can engage in now that we have this beautiful weather! Another thing I wanted to mention is that this spring weather can allow you to get outside and exercise. You can go on runs or long walks, or even set up your yoga mat at the park to get some sunshine. We have been unable to do all of these things for the past couple of months, but the sunshine has allowed us to get outside again. One goal of mine is to try and go on more runs or long walks with my friends before summer arrives and it becomes too hot to exercise outside during the day.

All in all, get outside if you can! The sunshine will brighten your mood and allow you to escape from your reality of school or work, whatever it may be. The sun is out almost every day and we’ve been given some beautiful weather that isn’t too hot or too cold. There are so many ways to enjoy yourself outside this spring, so get outside and start enjoying the sunshine.

Alexandra Winter

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Alex is in her third year of kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University and is also minoring in psychology. She has been a writer for Her Campus for a year now. Her hobbies include playing sports, listening to Harry Styles music, and rewatching Grey's Anatomy over and over again. She also loves reading! She has a twin sister and 3 amazing pets who she loves very much.
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