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Winter got you feeling the blues?  Thank the fashion heavens that Spring is right around the corner!  You can now happily retire your tired old parka and change up your style for the new Spring season!  Say goodbye to dreary, dark Winter colours and cold weather, and say hello to a vibrant Spring wardrobe that will have you feeling super excited for the warmer months to come!  This Spring 2018 fashion trend guide will help you style your existing wardrobe with super fun pieces that will have you ready to spring into Spring!

First things first, sunglasses.  With warmer months comes more sun exposure, obvs, so make sure to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays with some new Spring sunnies.  This year’s hot trend involves small-framed sunglasses.  You can find these types of sunglasses everywhere, but Zara.com has a super cute cat-eye framed pair that will pair perfectly with anything you wear this spring.

Next, liven up your Spring wardrobe with a pastel colour palette.  You can incorporate pastel colours into almost any outfit and instantly make your look super cute!  If you’re looking for an easy way to style pastel colour into your wardrobe, try out a pastel coloured suit; they are all the rage this Spring season.  Again, try Zara for a fab find like this.  A powder blue coloured suit paired with a graphic tee and some sneakers screams Spring-time to me!

Looking for a way to dress up an outfit?  Nude lace-up booties are here to help!  First and foremost, a look made popular by the infamous Kim K, these lace-up booties pair perfectly with sweater dresses or skinny jeans.  You should try your best to steer clear of black for the Spring season to maximize colour opportunity, but nude is a perfect way to still incorporate some of your favourite neutrals into your outfits.

Matching sets are the perfect trend to ring in the Spring season.  Better known as co-ords, these outfits are a match made in heaven, and seriously cut down your outfit decision-making dilemmas in the morning.  Sites like fashionnova and rebelliousfashion.uk offer links specifically designated to co-ordinated outfits, making your shopping experience that much easier!  For Spring, try a pastel plaid co-ord shirt and skirt.  You’ll be surprised how much you love it!

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your Spring wardrobe and be more fashion forward, try a hand at wearing a traditional Canadian tuxedo.  That’s right, pair your favourite denim shirt with a pair of jeans.  Now, there are some rules to this trend.  First, if the shirt is oversized the jeans must be skinny, to balance out the outfit as a whole.  Next, do not pair similar washes of denim together.  For instance, if you’re going for a light washed shirt, pair it with dark-washed pants.  This might seem like a trend that’s a little out there, but trust me, it looks super cute!

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Hope you found these Spring trends helpful, collegiettes!  Spring is right around the corner, so you better get shopping! XOXO    


Wilfrid Laurier Student who loves anything and everything related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Constantly living life though the wise words of fashion icon Coco Chanel, who preaches, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."
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