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Reasons to be Proud of Being a Golden Hawk

Homecoming was filled with Laurier colours and a tremendous amount of school spirit! After the long weekend of having fun and wearing a lot of purple and gold, it was clear that so many people are truly proud to be Laurier Golden Hawks. The weekend got me thinking about how amazing our school truly is and reminded me of all of the reasons I picked Laurier as my university. Here’s a list of a few reasons to be proud to be a Golden Hawk.

Small Campus

Laurier is known to have one of the smaller campuses out of many universities, but this definitely is not a bad thing! Everyone always says that nothing in Waterloo is truly very far — and this is a FACT. With our campus being so small, it makes getting from one class to another so much simpler. Although it still happens, getting lost isn’t as common since you figure out campus pretty fast.

Amazing Professors and TA’s

Laurier’s faculty and staff genuinely want the best for all of their students. The professors at school are some of the kindest and smartest people you’ll ever meet. They’re always looking out for their students and want what’s best for them. No question is ever put down, and they will go to all ends to help you with everything you need help with.

Variety of Courses

We are lucky enough to have a large variety of course offerings that meet everyone’s interests. The list of courses, with many different topics, is a very long one and there is so much to choose from. There is definitely something for everyone and something that will spark everyone’s interests.

Tight Knit Community

Because Waterloo is not the biggest town, the community is small, but very tight knit, close and supportive. Having two large universities in the city (and a college basically down the street) means we are located in a very school based area. Everyone is relatively going through the same things at the same times when it comes to school and stress. Having so many people around that are in the same boat as you makes the issue of dealing with stress a little bit simpler. We’re all looking out for each other.

Party Life

Last, but not least, Laurier is known to be a good time when it comes to partying. With amazing house parties and clubs lined up and down the streets, there is definitely a place for everyone to let loose and have fun when the stress has caught up to them too fast. Laurier is also known to being the best host to many amazing and fun holidays! St. Patrick’s Day in Waterloo is not one that you want to miss. Some of your best memories are made on those crazy nights out and they are always nights to remember.

The time you spend at university will be some of the best years of your life! Making sure you pick the right school and the right program is a huge part of making these years the best of the best. I am beyond happy with my decision and like many others, am extremely proud to be a Laurier Golden Hawk!

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