The Reality of Living With Boys

So, this year my boyfriend and I decided that we were at the stage where we wanted to move in together. It’s super exciting but it is also kind of scary. He decided that for university, he wanted to live with his best friend and I, and that eventually we will get our own place together. So now I am in an apartment with two guys and a whole lot of dishes. BUT, it’s not as bad as you would think. Here are some of the realities of living with boys...

Dishes, Dishes, and More Dishes

There are only three of us in the apartment, and yet somehow, the number of dishes that pile up in the sink are uncountable. It’s like the entire school came and ate in my kitchen for one day. It’s hard getting boys to understand that the dishwasher is right beside the sink, but in time, we may get them to put the dishes in the washer, and maybe even put a tablet in and press start. One can dream.

No Drama

The one thing I have come to love and appreciate about living with boys is that there is NO DRAMA. If they ask me to turn the volume down on my 1 a.m. jam session, say no more. If I ask them to keep it down because I have a midterm, no problem. I never have to be scared of speaking my mind and telling them what I need to succeed. 

There is Always Extra Food

So this is a good and bad thing. On one hand, if I ever want a snack you can bet that there is food left over from the night before, or that we have an extra slice of pizza if another person comes to join us for dinner. Boys always order more than they can eat. On the downside, the leftovers sit in the fridge for WAY longer than they should. I swear we probably have a pizza from last weekend sitting in the fridge still.

Laundry Upon Laundry

Not one, not two, not three but FOUR piles of laundry are currently sitting on our floor right now and there is no plan to get them washed any time soon. This isn’t just a boy thing, but I feel like boys let the laundry pile up worse than most girls. I get it, we are all busy university students, but doing a load of laundry takes a total of 10 minutes, not including the folding. Do boys just not care about changing their underwear?

The Hairy Situation

I didn’t think it was possible for a boy to produce more hair than my perpetual shedding. But with their bi-daily shaving habits, the counters and floors of the bathrooms are COVERED in hair. And I’m the one who cleans the bathroom. Although this isn’t an extensive list of pros and cons, I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else. I am so fortunate to live with two of my best friends, and one who I will be living with for the rest of my life. Wish me luck.