Not Your Typical Self-Care Ideas

Taking care of yourself is a practice that can be as simple as a warm shower or as extensive as taking a whole weekend to relax. Although typical self-care ideas, such as doing a face mask or taking a bath, are beneficial, there are alternative self-care methods that often aren’t talked about and deserve some light shed on them!

Wash your bed sheets

Ladies, we all know the feeling of freshly shaved legs in clean sheets… One of my favourite self-care practices is to wash my bedsheets and pillowcases and then take the time to make my bed perfectly. It’s such a rewarding feeling to curl into bed at the end of the day feeling clean and fresh!

Clean your room

This may seem typical in a self-care day, but a clean room can instantly boost your mood! Simply picking up clothes from the floor or organizing your closet will make you feel much less cluttered. Personally, if I clean my room at the beginning of my day, my productivity is significantly higher throughout the rest of my day than if I try to do schoolwork in a messy environment.

Cook your favourite comfort meal

Ordering in food is always exciting and, of course, delicious, but the comfort of your favourite meal is so satisfying! A personal favourite will always be mac and cheese, but I recently discovered a new easy dish. When baking chicken fingers, toss them in buffalo sauce and dip them in ranch. P.S.: making food instead of ordering in saves money too!

Call a loved one

A simple phone call to a loved one can easily boost your mood and make you feel at home. After a quick phone call with my mom or dad, I always feel very loved and joyful.


Even though I’m not touching on the typical face mask and skincare, pampering yourself is still very important on a self-care day! Little things can help you feel more confident in your skin relaxed and beautiful. My personal favourites are to pluck my eyebrows (and really take my time with it to make them perfect), shave my legs and file my nails.

Create a playlist

Lastly, and my personal favourite, playlists. Music is essential for the perfect day, whether it be a dance session with your roommates or singing in your room alone; music is one of those things that can instantly change your mood. Creating playlists is not only therapeutic and exciting for me, but it also helps me discover new music. Spotify also has the option to add “recommended songs” to your playlist based on the songs you’ve already added! This is one of my favourite features to find new songs.

In the end, taking care of yourself physically and mentally should be your first priority. Enjoy a self-care day once in a while!