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My Wine Tour Adventure and Why You Should Give it a Try

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Over the winter reading week, I was able to venture to Niagara and go on a wine tour with some of my family and family friends. It was such a fun and relaxing way to take a break from school and socialize with those who I love, but don’t get to see very often. This trip involved renting a limo and enjoying some delicious food, as well as lots of wine tastings at different Niagara wineries. I genuinely had an amazing time and wanted to share my experience and why I think you need to give it a try for your next adventure.

To start the trip, my family friend (hi Patty!) rented a limo for our excursion. This was such a fun addition to our trip as it added a little spice and made us all feel like royalty. It was also great because none of us had to hold back from the wine tastings. We could all enjoy the wine without worrying about how we were getting home. While in the limo, we had the chance to catch up with each other and enjoy some sweets and drinks. Adding a limo to this whole experience just made it so much more relaxing and less stressful, overall. I understand that renting a limo may not be super budget-friendly, so if you have someone within your adventure group that is willing to be the designated driver, then go for it! When you are with the right people and the conversations just seem to flow, then ultimately nothing else matters.

Our trip started off at Wayne Gretzky’s Estates, where we enjoyed some delicious sandwiches and poutines at the outdoor whisky bar. We also sipped on drinks made with some of the estate’s premium liquors. The whisky bar at Wayne Gretzky’s is such a fun and unique environment. There is a big outdoor seating area as well as heaters to help keep you warm throughout the winter months. It also sits right beside a skating rink, so if you wanted to you can just pop on your skates and head out for a quick skate before or after your meal. After checking out the gift shop and the rest of the estate, we headed to our limo and travelled to our first winery.

We headed to Caroline Cellars, a picturesque and charming local winery with all kinds of delicious wines to choose from. My family friends tried all different kinds of delicious wines and ended up getting a couple of bottles. This gorgeous and underrated ranch-style winery should definitely become a stop on your next trip to Niagara. After checking out Caroline’s Cellars, we headed to Pillitteri Estates Winery. A fun fact about this winery is that they sponsor Team Canada! We tried different types of wines and ice wines and ended up leaving with a couple of bottles as well. The limo then picked us up and we headed to Niagara Falls for one last quick adventure before grabbing dinner at Five Guys and heading home.

All in all, if you’ve never travelled to any Niagara wineries before, you should definitely check some of them out! It’s a great way to explore some of the beautiful area we live near here in Southern Ontario. This trip also allowed for a relaxing and calming break from school and the other responsibilities that I have going on in my life at the moment. I asked my travel buddies about our trip and how it was for them, and they said, “as things start to open back up, it’s important to reconnect and give yourself something to look forward to.” Also, “it is important to stay connected with other females and friends in times like these and get away from school and stress when you can.” I couldn’t agree more. This adventure definitely helped all of us to destress and explore while socializing and catching up with each other. It was a great experience and can truly help in more ways than one. If you have the opportunity to explore some of these beautiful wineries, I totally recommend it!

Shoutout to my mom and sister, Annette and Kendel, and my family friends, Patty and Wylder, for an amazing trip! I can’t wait to do it again soon.

Alexandra Winter

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Alex is in her third year of Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University and is also minoring in Psychology. She has been a writer for Her Campus for about a year and a half and has loved every second of it. Some of her main hobbies include reading, working out, and hanging out with friends. Her favourite shows are Money Heist and Euphoria. She has a twin sister and 3 amazing pets who she loves very much.