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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is without a doubt a hilarious, yet catastrophic series filled with an incredible ensemble of actors, an abundance of humour, intense chasing scenes and various examples of the harassment faced by various groups of people in the world. This TV series never fails to gain my applause by either delivering clever jokes or by raising awareness about fundamental issues in our society.

Season 1 – Episode 8 “Old School”

The 99th  precinct is filled with all sorts of characters, but no one outdoes Andy Samberg’s Detective Jake Peralta when it comes to his immature nature, charming personality and unforgettable humour. Jake’s comedic traits appear in this episode where Jimmy Brogan, a former crime reporter, shows up at the precinct to observe some detectives and write an article about how they have changed in the last 35 years. After making some drunken comments about the precinct to Jimmy Brogan, Jake struggles to keep his idol from publishing his devastating words about Captain Holt. Whilst tied up in this situation, Jimmy says a homophobic slur, which leads Jake to immediately call out and punch his hero for his hateful speech. There are so many reasons to love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but this specific episode shows a glimpse of Jake’s morals and how he values a person’s actions and words over their fame. Throughout the episode, Rosa Diaz’s tough and mysterious yet quirky personality is also shown as she receives some lessons about her courtroom demeanor and presenting herself in a more compassionate and appropriate manner.

Season 1 Trivia

What is Boyle’s food blog email about?

Who is the “worst New York has to offer”?

To stop Charles from going “Full Boyle”, what signal does he use on his double date with Jake?

Who is Jake’s favourite music artist according to the lie detector test he takes?

Season 2 – Episode 3 “The Jimmy Jab Games”

The 7th annual Jimmy Jab Games commence at the 99th precinct after a motorcade issue, and Captain Holt and Terry Jeffords having to leave for a meeting at One Police Plaza. The infamous competition games open with Jake competing for Rosa’s friend’s phone number and the rest of the squad races for the Winchester 3000, the only chair with minimal stains, no broken wheels and good lumbar support. Simultaneously, Holt and Terry meet with Madeline Wuntch to request field kits for a new drug apparent in the precinct, Giggle Pig. Holt and Wuntch’s amusing feud is apparent, and she mockingly rejects their request over grammatical errors in their report. The games begin, and after an absolutely disgusting round of consuming month-old Chinese food, a hilarious bomb suit foot race and an undercover persona challenge, the final competitors are Jake and Amy. In midst of realizing his feelings for Amy, Jake lets her win the games and decides he doesn’t want Katie’s number anymore. Whilst competing in the games, Charles realizes Hitchcock has a videotape revealing that Gina and Charles have been sleeping together. Charles begs for the tape back but Hitchcock blackmails him by agreeing to only give the tape back if Charles makes him look cool. He realizes he can’t accomplish this task, eventually finds the tape on Hitchcock and shatters it.

Season 2 Trivia

To initialize the start of the Jimmy Jab Games, what ceremonial item is lit on fire?

During the second annual Halloween wager, what item does Jake bet Holt that he can steal?

What is Amy’s secret addiction that she hides from Teddy?

What item represents the end of a relationship for Charles?

Season 5 – Episode 14 “The Box”

Jake begins an intense interrogation on a stoic, egotistical and overly confident dentist who he believes has organized the perfect murder. The masterful relationship between Captain Holt and Jake Peralta is the centerpiece of the entire episode as the dynamic duo race to get a confession. Jake swiftly launches into a variety of intense interview questions in hopes to get a confession, and when he finally believes that he has stumped the dentist, Phillip Davidson proves that he is always one step ahead. Though Phillip seems to have the right answers, Jake is persistent that he is the killer and is determined to outsmart him into confessing. As the questioning proceeds, the suspect is able to pin Holt and Jake against one another and ensures that Jake feels like the “dumb cop” by suggesting that Holt is belittling him, distracting Jake from solving the case. Jake is eventually able to use Phillip’s cynical behaviour against him, as he realizes that someone like Phillip would become completely frustrated by the assumption that his murderous plan was driven by pure luck rather than intelligence and skill. Though the episode features only a few of the main actors, it is both exciting and thrilling. Also, Captain Holt’s infamous “Oh, damn’s” correlate with how proud he is of Jake.

Season 5 Trivia

What is Jake’s favourite drink?

What does Amy call the food truck that Charles purchases?

What actor’s action movies do Jake and Kevin watch while in a safe house together?

While Rosa is in an active shooter situation, what do Amy and Gina do to distract themselves?

Trivia Answers

Season 1


The Fire Department

Finger Guns whilst saying “pew pew pew”

Taylor Swift

Season 2

A bagel

Holt’s watch


Food dehydrator

Season 5

Orange soda

The murder truck

Nic Cage

Try to fix the broken toilet

Thanks for reading about some of my go-to Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, and I hope the trivia questions were enjoyable!

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