For the Love (or Hate) of Valentine’s Day

It’s that glorified time of year again… Some of us live for the day of celebrating love and eating endless amounts of cinnamon hearts and cupcakes, while others channel our inner Jessica Biel and must resist the urge to throw an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party every year. Well, whether you’re riveted or resentful, single or taken, or just straight-up bored and looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day this year, here is a list of cupid-approved activities you can do alone, with friends, or with your bf/gf!


And by “eat”, I mean devour. Make your own donuts for a fun activity, or go on a hunt tofor a cute donut shop in your area! Mini, crazy flavoured donuts are all the hype right now, and I’m personally dying to try every flavour at Jimmy’s Mini’s donut shop in Kitchener (photographed above). On top of the donuts, you can probably add pizza, cookies, and take-out Chinese food to the diet of the day. Calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day, right?

2. Wear hot lingerie

Even if it’s just for yourself, put on something lacey and pretty that you can wear under your clothes to feel secretly sexy all day.

3. Watch movies

Seems like an obvious one; but, if your guilty pleasure is early 2000s rom-coms, then today is your excuse to watch them all day and night. Valentine’s Day is evidently a must.

4. Dress up & go out

Go out in your sleekest outfit, sling-back heels, and hair done, and grab some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres with friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Nothing feels better than having great food and drinks with good company, all while looking and feeling great.

5. Have a spa day

Unfortunately, not all of us have time to pamper ourselves everyday with luxurious bubble baths and cleansing face masks. Take Valentine’s Day as a day for R&R and do every imaginable spa day procedure possible. From mani-pedis, to home-made teeth-whitening, and coconut oil hair masks (an HC fave), you’ll definitely feel like a 10 by the end of this year’s V-day!

6. DIY all day

Nothing beats boredom like creativity. Hit up Pinterest, spend all day being crafty, and you’ll  be left with some lovely keepsakes from this day! Make anything from room décor, clothes, jewelry, body scrubs, or even whip up some fun recipes.

7. Buy yourself flowers and teddy bears

Have no one to surprise you with giant teddy bears and flowers? Bf/Gf didn’t fulfill their duty? Buy them for yourself! Who said these need to be gifts from others? Fill up your place with vases of flowers everywhere and cuddle up with your own giant teddy bear that you so deserve this Valentine’s.

8. Read books    

If you find yourself dreading this day and lying in bed until it’s over, then grab a book and submerge yourself into a new world. Although, I may suggest you stay away from love stories (i.e. Nicholas Sparks) if you’re not in the Valentine’s mood.

9. Take Polaroids 

Document your day, no matter what you do, with fun and cute Polaroid photos to create moments that last a lifetime.

Some people may find Valentine’s Day depressing, since they may not be celebrating with “the one”, but it shouldn’t be any less enjoyable. Gather a group of your best friends or enjoy a “me-day”. This day is about love, after all, and you should love yourself just as much as anyone else!