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Looking for an All-Natural Deodorant? Here’s a Review of 3 Popular Brands!

Of all skin-care products, deodorant can have some of the most hazardous ingredients with negative long-term and short-term side-effects. For this reason, you may be looking to start using an all-natural deodorant. Currently, there are many choices; however, most products are not effective or sub-par compared to others. If you need guidance on some of the most common all-natural deodorant brands, here is a review of three!

Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick

Of the three deodorants, Schmidt’s will likely be the most recognizable brand; however, that’s not to say that it is the best. Schmidt’s is best known for its deodorant sticks, which are applied as ‘regular’ deodorants are. While using Schmidt’s, you will notice right away that it does not apply easily to the skin. The formula is very thick and will come off unevenly unless the deodorant is warmed to skin temperature before application. All the ingredients in Schmidt’s are natural and baking soda is used as the deodorizing ingredient. For people with sensitive skin, this can be problematic. Baking soda is known to cause mild to severe skin irritation. Despite these side-effects, Schmidt’s has many interesting scents to choose from, such as ‘Charcoal and Magnesium’ and ‘Lavender and Sage.’ Overall, the scents are great, but the potential for irritation makes this all-natural deodorant less desirable.

Overall rating: 3/5

Weleda Deodorant Spray

Weleda has a different take on all-natural deodorant as it comes in a spray bottle. Application is relatively straightforward: a couple spritzes under each arm and you are set for the next twenty-four hours. This is especially advantageous for an all-natural deodorant as many do not provide all-day coverage. Weleda’s deodorizing ingredient is alcohol, which is extremely effective; however, since it is the main ingredient, it will smell like rubbing alcohol when applying and for a bit after. Weleda spray-on deodorant comes in citrus, sage and wild rose, making scents limited and, in all honesty, not entirely the best. Overall, Weleda spray-on deodorant is an extremely effective product but could use some development on their scents. 

Overall rating: 4/5

Lafe’s Roll-on Deodorant

Lafe’s roll-on deodorant has a unique application technique where a salt crystal rolls over the liquid-deodorant ingredients. Lafe’s is the easiest to apply and easiest to use. Lafe’s is made of all-natural ingredients with mineral salts as the deodorizing ingredient. Since the formula has no baking soda or alcohol like other deodorants, it is incredibly effective for people with sensitive skin. Moreover, Lafe’s deodorant gives you twenty-four-hour protection. Their scents are phenomenal and there are lots to choose from, such as ‘Lavender and Aloe’ and ‘Iris and Aloe.’ Overall, Lafe’s excels at providing an excellent and functional deodorant with incredible scents. 

Overall rating: 5/5 

Hopefully, with the review of these three all-natural deodorants, you will be able to pick one that is suited for you. Every product reacts differently to different people, so just remember not to give up; it might take a couple of tries to find the right product for you!

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