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Items That All Hot Girls Need on Their Nightstands for Nights Out

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We all like a good night out with the girls to relieve some of the constant stress of being a university student. But many of us neglect to take care of ourselves on these nights out, leading to smudged makeup, headaches and a whole lot of regrets the next morning. Now, I get it. Trying to take care of yourself at 4 am when all you want to do is go to bed is not exactly realistic. However, if you set yourself up for success prior to going out, the likelihood of you waking up feeling more refreshed and less like Shrek is moderately higher. Here is my list of items that every hot girl needs to have by their bed to help them function the next day.

A water bottle (or two)
This one may seem obvious, but dragging yourself all the way to the fridge, grabbing the water pitcher, filling up your cup and walking all the way back to bed is a lot of work in the early hours of the morning. So, keeping a reusable bottle filled with at least the equivalent of a plastic water bottle eliminates many steps of that process, allows you to fall into your comfy bed two minutes sooner (which makes all the difference) and wake up feeling 10 times better.

Advil goes with nights out like peanut butter goes with jelly: without one, the other leaves you feeling unsatisfied. Having a bottle ready to go right beside your bed allows it to be the first thing you see in the morning, there and ready to ease your headache.

Micellar water and cotton pads
If you know me, you know that I am a big advocate of ALWAYS taking off your makeup before bed. No matter how late it is, or how much I want to get into bed, I will go and use a cleansing balm and at least do the bare minimum of cleansing and moisturizing. I understand that not everyone has the same dedication to skincare, but at least having some sort of makeup remover beside your bed allows you to wake up fresh-faced and reduces the chance of break-outs later. I am very much a makeup-wipe hater, so I would recommend micellar water and (reusable, if possible) cotton pads. While better than makeup wipes that only move your makeup around your face, this practice is still not perfect because you’re leaving soap on your skin, but it is far better than the alternatives.

A snack
After a night out, food is essential. But you will likely not have the energy to cook anything, and as a student, you likely won’t have the funds to order food every weekend, so easy snacks are a must. My personal favourites are granola bars and cheese strings, but pre-popped popcorn is a classic too.

Tide Stick
Nights out can sometimes (or oftentimes, if you’re clumsy) lead to stained clothes that end up tossed on the floor, allowing the stains to seep in further and to be harder to get out the next day. Depending on how much energy you have, quickly using the Tide Stick on the stains before crashing can make Future You very happy.

Using all these items isn’t always realistic on nights out but when you’ve got the energy, having these items on standby makes it far more likely that they’ll be used. Keep these items on your nightstand to wake up feeling only moderately horrible on your next night out!

Kate Price

Wilfrid Laurier '26

Kate is a business administration (BBA) student at Wilfred Laurier University. While business has always been what she wanted to study, she has a passion for writing about all things beauty, pop culture, true crime, and health and wellness. You can usually find Kate watching a new Netflix documentary or hanging out with her two dogs, Mabel and Gracie.
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