The Inside Scoop: How Shelby Naturals is Transforming the Skin Care Industry

Shelby Naturals provides a whole new experience which focuses on healing the mind, body, and soul in unity. This intimate relationship is expressed passionately by the founder, Shelby Ondrus. I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Shelby and discuss her skin care line that is taking off in ways she only dreamed of.


Get to know Shelby from Shelby Naturals

Shelby was raised using primarily natural treatments for health and well-being. In her past, she struggled with problematic skin, which caused her to experience symptoms of anxiety. This led Shelby to explore the world of homeopathic skin care treatments. Her journey had only begun when she set off towards becoming a holistic nutritionist. After graduating from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as her class valedictorian, she was determined to study the skin care products on the market for two whole years. After learning all the ins and outs of the market she was disappointed to find many fillers, toxic chemicals and unethical production standards in most common cosmetic brands, including products claiming to be “natural”. What she did next has changed the lives of hundreds of people. Shelby created the best and most advanced products within the market today and here’s how she did it.


What makes Shelby Naturals the best skin care line on the market?

Shelby Naturals manufactures products that contain no fillers, are all plant based, and are tested on the one and only Shelby Ondrus. All ingredients are the result of a fair-trade process which originates from organic farms in Italy. All plants are then shipped to Germany and pressed into essential oils.

Shelby’s background in chemistry provided her with the fundamentals to formulate natural plant based ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen on the core principle to stimulate skin regeneration. Through trial and error, Shelby discovered a non-traditional technique which infuses essential oils as the main components of her products. This aspect creates the most effective outcome for your skin and is the primary difference between Shelby Naturals and any other skin care product or treatment. In more detail, let’s discuss Shelby Naturals’ products and how each actively works to make your skin feel and look its best.



The cleanser consists of lemon peel and citrus essential oils. These ingredients are high in vitamin C and present an awakening citrus aroma. This combination allows all skin types to naturally flourish by enhancing collagen production. The use of oils allows nutrients to fully absorb and restores balance of your skin and entire body. The cleanser even removes makeup! This has never been accomplished before in the natural products industry!

This non-traditional cleanser eliminates problems caused from gel based cleansers.  A large issue with oil free products is that they are counter-productive and cause your skin to increase or decrease its natural oil production. Unlike oil-based products, gel cleansers are not able to reach your skin’s inner layers and create an imbalance in your body’s pH levels. In addition, because gels are unable to reach multiple layers of the skin, they present space for bacteria and fungus to grow. Shelby Naturals has thoroughly completed all its research for you, and has concluded that the best path for your skin is oil-based products.



Do not underestimate the importance of a toner. Shelby’s toner is essential to opening and closing your pores due to its rich active ingredients. The toner consists of two ingredients which are orange blossoms and Neolihydrostal. These ingredients work together to deliver anti-oxidatives and generate collagen within your skin cells.  Furthermore, the toner has the effects of relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. The ingredients work to firm skin, kill all bacteria, and also contains minerals that lead to glowing and healthy skin.

A personal tip shared by Shelby is to keep the toner in your purse, so that you can use it at prime times like after a workout or to set your makeup. This quick and easy step will leave your skin radiant and feeing great!

The toner is also super important for the absorption of Shelby Naturals serum which is currently the number one sold product!



The serum is the best seller because it’s high in mineral ingredients and balancing components, which leave your skin feeling deeply rejuvenated. Shelby formulated these active ingredients which all work together for collagen production and skin cell regeneration. The serum consists of a Moroccan argon oil base, a combination of essential oils which includes sweet orange, neroli, myrrh, and bergamot. These oils are high in anti-oxidatives and vitamin C, which actively generates new skin cells and helps with skin damage, like scarring. In addition, the combination allows the oils to reach deep layers of your skin providing the richness it needs to flourish. The serum has worked wonders and continues to heal any scarring as well as many other symptoms related to skin damage.



Bring on the moisture! Shelby Naturals creams have a purpose of creating a layer of hydration and protection for your skin. The face cream is loaded with vitamin C and anti-oxidatives, which work together to brighten and create radiant, healthy skin. The face cream is infused with lemon, sweet orange, and grapefruit. The body cream consists of coconut oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. This light, fluffy cream feels amazing on your skin and works at helping the oils reach the deepest layers of your skin!

The combination of these products has been proven to help people reduce inflammation, acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, and are purposely designed to accommodate all skin types. Shelby’s one and only purpose is to help your skin glow, feel great, and stay healthy.


I am still thanking myself for putting my skin first, and rewarding it with Shelby Naturals products. Thank you, Shelby, for providing me with a product that makes me feel calm and balanced while having clear and beautiful skin.

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