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How to Survive Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner and people are already hyped up for one of the biggest days of the year.  It is no secret that on this day everyone parties hard and goes all out.  However, surviving this holiday is not always easy.  With many partiers asleep by 11 am, ticketed by noon, or arrested by 2 pm, it is important to party hard but also smart so you can have the best possible day.  Follow these tips to party hard from 8 am to 3 am without any problems!

1. The day before, pack all the essentials that you will need to survive the day in a backpack so you are ready to party as soon as you wake up.

Some of those essentials include:

– A water bottle full of WATER, as believe it or not, booze will not keep you as hydrated as you think. It is important to drink water throughout the day so you stay healthy and awake!

– A plastic bag with a piece of ID and a twenty-dollar bill.  Only bring the necessities, as it is much better to lose one piece of ID and twenty dollars rather than your entire wallet. Keeping them in a plastic bag is a must; this will keep them safe from getting gross (because chances are there will be a few spills throughout the day).  Also, make sure you bring your health card just in case you do end up at the doctors…

– An extra t-shirt, as like I said, spills will happen.

– Bring Snacks. You will get hungry throughout the day and food places may just be too far from the party.  Bring a snack so you can continue partying while munching on some food, it’s the best of both worlds.

– Bring your house keys… You do not want to be locked out after a long day.

2. Put out your outfit the night before so there is no last-minute planning on what you are going to wear the next day.

3. Go to bed early the night before.  

You will need all the energy you can gather to make it through the next day.  If it takes you a long time to fall asleep, go to bed even earlier.  It is essential to get 10+ hours of sleep so you can make it through what’s coming.

4. Take a picture of your ID on your phone just in case you misplace your actual ID.

5. SO many people lose their phone on Saint Patrick’s Day.  

Take the precaution: make your lock screen a picture of you holding a sign that says your first and last name and includes a phone number that they can contact to make arrangements, so you can go get your phone back. 

6. If you can, make time for a power nap to happen.  

When there is a little bit of downtime during the day, take a 30-minute nap so you feel refreshed.  This way, you are ready to go out again that night and keep partying. 

7. Please remember that it is illegal to drink out in public!  

So, when you are going from one house to another, don’t be carrying your open bottle of booze on the streets, because you are just asking for a ticket. Pour it into a solid coloured bottle and keep the bottle in your backpack.  That way you can make it to the next house without breaking the law or getting a ticket.

8. Respect the authorities! 

I know it may seem like they are ruining your fun, but they are only trying to keep the town in one piece.  Please don’t do stupid stuff, because it will be a bummer if you get a ticket, and it will ruin your day.  So, my tip for this is that if you are clearly intoxicated, do not go to a police officer asking for a high-five or hug… and while you are partying don’t go smashing beer bottles on the streets.  I know we are all drunk, but before you do anything ask yourself, “If I were sober, would I be doing this?”

9. Do not rely on your friends for everything.  

They will be partying just as hard as you.  Make sure you bring your own set of house keys in your own backpack because if you get split up, that could be game over and you may just be searching for them all day.

10. Have fun and let loose. 

 Forget about your work meeting next week or your midterm in two days, just enjoy yourself.  It is good to have a day where you don’t think about all your worries and just have fun!

Hopefully, by following these tips, your day will be safe and fun. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Laurier!

Hi! I'm liv! I am a second year comm student at Laurier! I love writing, petting my dog Molly and drinking chocolate milk! To find similar content checkout my youtube channel @liv kelly
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