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How to Survive Holidays Away from Home

Most Laurier students come from the GTA and other surrounding cities and towns, which makes it fairly easy to go home as they wish. However, for those of us from further away, it’s a bit more complicated than just buying a GO ticket. As someone who is from Ottawa, I get to go home for reading weeks and after my exams, and if I work, sometimes not even then or for very long.

This is my second year missing Easter, and it sucks big time. Missing out on painting eggs, getting candy baskets, participating in the family’s traditional egg roll competition, and having dinner with my entire family are all things I won’t be able to do, because of where Easter weekend falls in the semester. I’m already dealing with some serious FOMO!

That being said, it’s my second time around at this, and I’ve picked up a few tricks to make dealing with that holiday FOMO a little easier!

Facetime your family!

My mom always tries to facetime me when there’s a family celebration, whether it’s at Easter or at a family birthday. While it’s obviously not the same as being there, getting to say hi to everyone does help. It’s nice to feel somewhat included in what your family is doing!

Be productive.

That assignment you’ve been putting off? That essay that was due a week ago? That class you’re weeks behind in? It’s time to deal with it all. Finish that assignment. Write that essay. Catch up on those PowerPoints. It isn’t fun, but you’ll feel super accomplished when you’ve crossed these tasks off your to-do list. On top of this, it will boost your mood and give you a distraction from the holiday.

Make plans with friends!

This is honestly one of the best ways to deal with missing a holiday. Last year, my sorority big sister invited me to have Easter dinner with her family. It was great to still have a nice supper and talk with everyone and made me feel less lonely. If you have a friend (with a lovely welcoming family) willing to invite you over, take them up on the offer! It’s a huge mood-booster.

Stock up on holiday candy and other goodies.

I mean, it’s not like we really needed an excuse to eat our weight in mini eggs, but we certainly appreciate the validation nonetheless. My brothers and I always got lots of chocolate and mini eggs every Easter, so it feels weird not getting any when I’m away from home. Every time I go to the grocery store around Easter, I pick up a pack (or five) of mini eggs. It just feels right.

Find other distractions!

Been meaning to find a new show to watch, or itching to bring out the brushes and canvases, but haven’t had the time? Well, here is your chance! No one will blame you if you take the day in bed with Netflix open, or with your head in a book, or bringing out your inner artist. For one day, it won’t hurt you to indulge in your hobbies. If anything, it will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.


Have a self-care day.

On the note of feeling refreshed, having a self-care day can certainly also help, and this is your golden opportunity to do just that. Be super basic and partake in all the clichés! Pull out your bath bomb and face mask, give yourself a mani-pedi, clean your room, whatever you need to do to have yourself feeling fierce af!

Hold your own mini holiday!

Who says you can’t just have your own small holiday? Whether it’s for Easter, or whatever holiday you’re scared of missing out on, you can do it. Organize your roommates to have a potluck, or make yourself a nice dinner on your own. Paint your own eggs, decorate your room, whatever it takes to make yourself feel a bit more spirited. Just because you aren’t home, doesn’t mean you can’t be just as festive!

The holidays can be rough when you’re away from home, regardless of if it’s for the first time or if you are becoming a veteran. Hopefully, at least one of the tips above helps even the tiniest little bit with the FOMO you might be experiencing. And whatever you end up doing, come your next beloved holiday, I hope you have a great time.

Happy Easter!

Rebecca is in her 5th year at Wilfrid Laurier University.  During the school year, she can be found drinking copious amounts of kombucha, watching hockey and procrastinating on Pinterest. She joined HCWLU as an editor in the Winter 2018 semester, and after serving as one of the Campus Correspondents in 2019-20, she is excited to be returning for the 2020-21 school year! she/her
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