How to Stay Relaxed and Stress Free on a Budget

The beginning of a new semester can be a scary time for a university student.  All you can think about are the long nights of homework, gruelling hours of lectures, and the fact that you need to relax. All of these work together to comprise the stress of school.  UGH.  All work and no play makes no one happy, am I right?  If you’re a university student on a budget who needs some time for themselves, make sure to keep reading to find out how to relax and stay stress-free during these next exhausting months.     

Deck out your Dorm

Need a quiet space that’s all your own?  Look no further than your dorm room!  You can make this space super relaxing by adding a few simple things to your room décor.  Candles are a super easy way to instantly calm your mood.  Look for fun scents that will take you to your happy place, like a beachy scent that reminds you of being on vacation or a fresh scent that takes you into nature when you close your eyes and smell it.  Mind over matter everyone, take it from me, this tip definitely works!  I also suggest making your dorm cozier with soft blankets or carpets, so you can stay warm and comfy through the winter months.  All of these items are super cheap, too, so 10/10 would recommend decking out your dorm to feel more relaxed and stress-free.  

When Groupon is your new BFF

Groupon is the answer to all of our stressed out prayers.  The perfect way to unwind is getting a massage or a facial.  Pamper yourself while staying on a budget with Groupon!  The site offers tons of great deals for staying relaxed, like discounted spa coupons or half-price facials!  Who could resist great deals like that?!  If stress is getting the better of you, give Groupon a try.

Yoga, Anyone?

Yoga is by far one of the best ways to instantly feel more relaxed and stress-free during the school months.  If you’re a student at Laurier check out the Athletic Centre for days when they offer free classes, but if you’re a guy or gal on a budget check out your local yoga studio!  Most places offer package deals for newcomers and yoga is a great way to deal with stress.  It is budget friendly and body friendly because you don’t have to spend a lot to help your mind and body feel super relaxed during times of stress!

Take Time to Unwind

Looking for ways to unwind during a stressful period in your life?  Try reading a book or downloading Netflix!  I wanted to offer both options in case you wanted to try one, or both!  I find books to be super relaxing because they allow you to escape to another world.  If you’re on a budget, check out your local library for some great reads, or Amazon for cheap second-hand copies of your faves!  However, if you’re like me and find solace in watching TV shows, then Netflix is your go-to!  For only $10 a month you have endless possibilities of movies and TV shows right at your fingertips!  Now, I wouldn’t recommend binge-watching any shows, but taking 20 minutes to relax and watch a FRIENDS episode would definitely be a great way to relax and unwind before hitting the books again. Sometimes all you need is to escape reality for a bit in order to feel more relaxed, so try one of these options out next time you find you’re stressing too much!

Walk it Out

Sometimes the key to feeling more relaxed is a long walk.  This can be all around your neighbourhood or simply a walk around the block, but either will give you much need time to clear your head and feel stress-free for a bit.  Walking is free exercise so this is 100% budget friendly for all my university pals out there.  Walk to the shops and browse around or walk to a friend’s house to say hello.  As long as you get out of the house and feel some fresh air on your face, your stress will be sure to disappear. 

Hope this list gave you some ideas on how to stay relaxed and stress-free on a budget.  As a university student myself, I can totally vouch that the struggle is real, and sometimes you just need to take time to relax.