How to Spice Up Your Romance When You Have the Winter Blues

Change in the weather can mean change in the activities you do with bae. It could mean that you are both less inclined to do things that require getting out of your warm cozy sheets, or less inclined to hangout because you both don’t want to venture out into the cold to get to each other. Whatever the case may be, do not let the winter blues get in the way of your relationship. In university, we tend to focus a lot on our work and our social life. With our busy lives, we can sometimes neglect our relationships with our significant others. Change up your routine, take some time out of your busy schedule, and schedule in some much needed alone time with the one you love.

Instead of falling for the winter blues, fall for your loved one again. Spice up your romance during the winter blues with these easy ideas:

**REMEMBER: Spice does not mean making it hot, it means making it ~flavourful~


1. Catch a Flick

Though winter means less time outdoors, it does not mean less time with bae. Instead of watching a movie at home, go on a date to the cinema! It gets you out, keeps you warm, and is something different and fun for the both of you! Remember to go on Tuesdays for that awesome discount!

2. Study Date at a Café

Studying in the library can become boring and tiring. Instead of spending those days in a cubical, why not take bae to a cute café for some hot chocolate and studying. It is both productive and enjoyable!

3. Ice Skating

With cold weather comes ice rinks! Uptown Waterloo has a great outdoor ice skating rink. Make your next date-night a skate to remember!

4. Board Games and Sundaes

Put down the laptop, and take out the board games and ice cream sundaes! It is always fun to have a little competition in your relationship…as long as it involves sweet treats too! Don’t have any board games or ice cream at home? Find the closest board game café near you!

5. Go to a Club

Nothing says turning up the heat in your relationship like getting hot and heavy in the club. Just because it is getting colder outside, does not mean you have to hibernate for the winter. Head to a club with just your bae. De-stress from school by having a few drinks and getting down on the dance floor. If you go to  a club with bae, you will always take someone home.

6. Spend the Weekend Together

Busy schedules mean less time for your relationship. We can get so caught up in our everyday lives that we neglect those who we love. Why not spend quality time together for a full weekend? I am not suggesting you stay inside the whole time though. Go on an adventure, take a stroll in the park, cook a meal together, anything really! Just take a break, and enjoy some quality alone time with your bae.

7. Let’s Brunch

There is nothing better than brunch. Oh wait! Brunch *with bae* may take the cake. Enjoy a breakfast a little bit fancier than the standard cereal with milk. Take the time to cook together, and enjoy the beauty that is breakfast.

8. Holiday Markets, Anyone?

The holidays are coming up soon! Try and look for some fun activities you and bae can do once exam season ends, like visiting local Holiday Markets.

9. Take a trip

With the break coming up and exam season soon to be over, some quality time together is just what you need! Trips don’t mean spending thousands of dollars on flights and resorts, they can simply be just a  day or a night trip!

Ideas: rent an Airbnb in Montreal and explore the city together. If either of you have a cottage, head up there for a couple days by yourself and enjoy the snowshoeing and indoor fireplace cuddles. For something easy and fun, go to Toronto for the night and check to see if there is an event you’d both enjoy or explore what the city has to offer!

10. Try a Restaurant You’ve Both Never Been To

New experiences are a thrill to enjoy, so why not enjoy it with your bae? Instead of going to the regular restaurants you always go to, try and search for something new and exciting.

I hope you found a few of these ideas helpful for getting out of the winter blues!