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Within the last month, I have started to get more into crystals and spirituality. After a bad breakup, I thought crystals would be a good addition to my daily life to fill my newfound freedom and bring some positivity back into my life. Also, I’m not going to lie, but seeing crystals on TikTok heavily influenced my decision to incorporate them into my life. I found many informative videos that inspired me to get into spirituality, and I’m so glad I did. I started off with a few basics like clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst, and within the month, my collection has grown to 11 different crystals with many more on the way! A lot of great changes have been brought into my life, and I’ve never felt better.

1. My Ex Came Back

This isn’t a positive at ALL but let me explain. My ex and I ended on awful terms, and he was toxic AF. I was angry with how things ended because it hurt me in ways I never thought I could be hurt, and I knew I didn’t deserve that. So, I did what most girls do when their exes obliterate and gaslight their feelings… I manifested an apology. I watched an informative video on new moon manifestations and coincidentally enough it was a new moon, so you already know I got to work. Now I didn’t specifically only wish for an apology, but I wrote a list of things I wanted to happen (getting a fat bum was one of them hehe), and I put it out by my window with a few of my crystals. I also visualized the apology and repeated my manifestation out loud. If my mom had walked by my room to see me chanting with candles, crystals and incense sticks, I think she would’ve freaked. Clearly, I was successful with my little ritual. Although there’s a possibility he could’ve just apologized from his own free will, I continue to tell myself and anyone who will listen that I was powerful enough to manifest that. What was different this time, and different from the many times my ex and I quarreled before, was that I realized I didn’t want this anymore. It felt like significant growth in my character to be able to officially cut him out of my life. The crystals that were there for me in achieving this were rose quartz for self-love, clear quartz for manifestation and carnelian for confidence.

2. I Built a Healthy Relationship with Myself

Let me tell you, I have not felt better about myself in YEARS. This is coming from someone who had hella issues regarding my relationship with my body, my relationship with food and my relationship with mental health. Obviously, the crystals didn’t suddenly motivate me to make such changes, but it feels amazing to meditate with my crystals and know that this little piece of earth is rooting for me. I’ve noticed the biggest changes in how I work out at the gym. Despite being a bit far from my goal body, I find myself enjoying the way my body looks now. I don’t feel sad or angry anymore when looking at the parts I don’t like. Now when I work out, I’m lifting heavier and running faster, and I look forward to seeing what my body can handle next. Watching myself get stronger has become more important than watching the scale go down. I feel more motivated and energized. I also eat when I feel hungry and have also been more goal-oriented in eating healthier, not for the sake of losing weight, but for the sake of feeling better internally (hot girl summer I’m coming for you). A part of me knows these crystals have helped me choose to become more motivated and positive with the decisions I make regarding food, fitness and health. The crystals that helped me achieve this are amethyst for spirituality, citrine for positivity and tigers’ eye to release fear and anxiety.

3. I Began to Focus on What Matters

I know I’m the same person who put significant energy into manifesting that apology, but I also began to focus more on relationships that do matter, school and work. I’ve noticed that recently I had a big realization that I should be showing my parents how much I love them. As a result, I have been focusing on ways I can show them I care in their love languages, like buying my dad groceries when he needs them because he always does that for me. I started cooking my mom lunch when she gets busy with work and giving her a hug when I can. My parents matter greatly to me and I realized how much I neglected to show them extra love. Further, I feel like I have been so burnt out from school. I know I willingly applied to and chose the program I’m in, but sometimes I just need to breathe. My feelings of being overwhelmed were most likely due to my serious procrastination, so I began focusing on starting an assignment a minimum of three days before its due date. I also got a huge rush of orders since my last article about my small business, Dipped with Love, so I have been busy and focused on ways to improve my business. I’ve been enjoying focusing on these things because they are all so important to me. The crystals that helped me achieve this are lapis lazuli for self-awareness and citrine for joy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a crystal hater or believer, but these wonderful rocks contain so much power if you decide to work with them. I’m really happy about my choice to get into crystals and spirituality because I have been seeing a lot of positive changes in my life that stem from me combined with my crystals rooting for me. Adding more to my collection has been a great hobby. I’m grateful for finding an exciting new journey in a time of sadness. If you have been questioning getting into crystals here is your sign to get started and beware, you will get addicted!

Anikka Salandran

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Anikka Salandran is a 2nd-year student at Wilfrid Laurier University studying English (still deciding her double major and minor!) When she is not busy writing essays and reading books you can find her dipping chocolate strawberries for her business or binge-watching Netflix. Fun fact: She has a twin!
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