How I Feel Going into My Sixth Midterm

world, but unfortunately the program is very exam heavy. All courses have a final, and at least one midterm, while the majority have two. I’ve had at least one midterm weekly for the past month, and this trend will continue for the next three weeks. I’m currently about to write midterm number six out of eight, and I’m sure most students can relate to the feeling of being at that point in the semester when you just want to cry. Instead of crying however, I put together a list of gifs which portray how I (and I’m sure many other students) feel at the peak of midterm season.


Can you blame me? All I’ve done is study for the past month! Of course I want to succeed, but if there was a way to do so without the never-ending work, I’d be all for it!

2. Cue the procrastination!

I have to admit, procrastination has always been a pretty bad habit of mine, but it seems to get increasingly worse (I’m not even sure how this is possible) with increased studying. Staring at walls is fascinating, right?

3. Like there isn’t enough coffee in this world

I never used to rely on coffee- I’d drink it in the morning simply because I like the taste, but now? We’re in for a rough morning if I forget to grab some on my way out the door… and it’s even worse now with Roll up the Rim and Starbucks rewards to taunt and coerce me into having a second cup!

4. Like it’s summer in February

We’ve reached that point in the winter where we have the promising-yet-seemingly-unreal stretch between major snow falls. Our midterm feels seem to increase our desperation and desire for warmer weather after being cooped inside 24/7 studying for and writing these exams. Despite knowing that it isn’t going to last, there’s that slight inkling of hope further intensified by the winter Olympics having concluded, being able to ditch the winter jacket or being able to wear shorts on your evening jog. Talk about spring fever!