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HisCampus Part Two: The Rest of their Honest Answers to the Rest of Our Burning Questions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

Now, ladies, you asked us, and we asked them. We saw their facial expressions after every single question came out of our mouths. There were laughs, there was a little bit of embarrassment on both ends, and there were some jaws dropping. Here are the answers to the final set of burning questions you’ve been wondering.

What’s your favourite thing to do in bed?

Chase: Fortnite

Noah: Sleep. But actually…no honestly, sleep. I’d say sex but there are a ton of places you can have sex.

Eric: Sleep – I’m a big fan of sleep because as a student I don’t get enough of it. I’m a big snuggler also.

Darnell: Play solitaire.

How many kills do you think is “too much” for a girl?

Chase: Oh God, ughhhh. 20+, I’d say that’s not stepping on a lot of toes.

Brendan: Same amount for a guy…  I don’t care about kills.

Darnell: Honestly, there’s no such thing as too many, because ya, someone can have a lot, but at the end of the day you can have a lot and be a great person, or have none and be a great person. The amount of kills you have doesn’t determine much. 

Noah: Like a potential partner…. I don’t know, it depends. You can have sex as much as you want, it’s more that I just don’t want to get a disease.

Do guys care more about how girls look on Instagram or in real life?

Chase: Real life, major key: look better in real life than on Instagram.

Brendan: Real life (laughs) I hate Instagram for that reason.

Eric: Guys don’t give a f*ck about what you look like on Instagram if it’s not what you look like in person. It is underappreciated when a girl doesn’t edit her pictures. Face value over screen value.

Darnell: Real life, 100%. If they look good in real life, don’t they also on Instagram?

Noah: For me, I care about more in real life because you can alter your face and everything in a thousand ways on Instagram. People try to maintain and keep up with how they look on social media. In real life, what you see is what you get.

Have your friends seen my nudes?

Chase: Yeah… wow that means no one will ever trust me. But wait, that was high school Chase before I found myself.

Darnell: Yes- but we know that if I send a dick pic, she’s showing her friends. But I will say, usually if it’s shared, it’s forcefully shared. I can guarantee one of his good friends has either seen it on purpose or by accident. 

Noah: Probably not….me personally, not even a little bit. I think I’ve only seen other people’s nudes like twice in my life. But that was in Junior hockey…totally different ball game. 

Have you ever measured your dick/what did you use to measure?

Chase: Yes, I’m a regular human so a ruler.

Brendan: Uh, yes but like in Grade 8 because I was scared I was hitting puberty. And a measuring tape. 

Noah: I have not…maybe out of fear, who knows. If I did though, I’d probably use a standard ruler.

Eric: Every guy has. What did I use to measure? The same thing every guy uses, a ruler. But we always add a couple centimetres. Everybody does, regardless of what they say.

Darnell: Yeah, 100%, and I used a plastic Staedler ruler.

What video games would you put above your girlfriend?

Chase: None. (quick side eye)

Brendan: I don’t really play video games. So, none. (Yes, even Fortnite)

Noah: Fortnite.

Darnell: Fortnite.

Eric: Fortnite…. on Saturdays.

If you know your girlfriend is going to steal your food even though she said she isn’t hungry, and you don’t want to share, why don’t you just get her her own?

Brendan: I’ll just order more food. Order 4 junior chickens instead of 3.

Noah: Girls aren’t that easy. If she’s saying no – she’s not going to just take what you get her. Just get more for yourself, because you know she’s going to want it.

Darnell: Well I’ll let her do it anyways. It doesn’t bother me, and I don’t mind sharing my food. I’m never gonna go at her food because that’s how you lose a hand, but if I try to stop her from stealing mine, I’ll also lose a hand. Sharing is caring.

Do you know what a guy’s girl is?

Chase: Never really heard of that term, but I guess a girl that’s chill with the guys and she can come on Saturdays.

Brendan: A girl that’s kinda like a guy. She’ll burp in public or play Fortnite with the boys. I think that the way the world is going more girls are becoming a guy’s girl. Kinda like the ideal girl really.

Darnell: Yeah, from my understanding, she has bro tendencies that you find appealing and that your friends find appealing. Most of the time if you’re seeing a girl, the boys will say that if they like her.

Noah: Like one of the boys? A girl you can have around that can hang out with the guys, their humour, drinks with and as much as the guys, just a good time.

How long before you introduce a girl to your guy friends?

Chase: A couple weeks.

Brendan: It kinda depends on the scenario. If it’s a girl that is at my school, then right away because she’s around. Someone from back home, I’ll hold off a bit because I don’t know how serious it would get. But there’s not really a timeline I set.

Noah: Depends on the context- if she’s walking downstairs after a night…. you just let her say “hey guys”. But if it’s serious, like two weeks.

Eric: It depends on the person. For me – we all met at the same time, so I didn’t have that issue, which made it easier in my opinion. I think most people would do it soon I guess. The quicker it happens, the easier the relationship.

Do you prefer submissive or dominant women? What are you?

Chase: I’m in between and would like her to be in between as well.

Brendan: Submissive, and I’m dominant.

Darnell: It depends on the situation – let’s say, I prefer a strong woman. But I guess I think I’m more of a dominant person.

Eric: Depends what mood I’m in. I could go either way. Me personally- doesn’t matter. I can do both.

Noah: Someone who can play both roles – I’m someone who can play both roles.

But if I need to, I’ll be 100% dominant.

Who do you think is worse at being just friends, girls or guys?

Brendan: Guys. Idk I feel like a girl can space herself away. And as soon as I hear that a girl doesn’t like me I have to shut off all feelings for her, but it’s hard. I still want her, but I try to be as nice as I can be.

Darnell: That one for me is whoever catches feelings first and vocalizes those feelings. But I definitely can’t say it’s one more than the other. I’ve been the one, and a girl has been the one. I think guys and girls can be friends, it’s just whether or not you can establish that you two are okay with just friends.

Eric: Girls. I think if you took an average, it would be girls, but I’ve known guys who haven’t been able to understand the concept of just friends.

What’s your definition of the word “sexy”?

Brendan: That’s a hard question. When I hear sexy I think sex appeal more or less, the way a girl carries herself or presents herself. I don’t think I would call a girl sexy solely based on looks. It’s more than that.

Eric: Like a brand-new hockey stick could be sexy. Or a new pair of shoes. If we’re talking females, it’s the way they carry themselves. A certain level of confidence, with an ability to go outside of their comfort zone and push themselves to try new things.

Noah: Jackie Moon – love me sexy. Girls are expecting something well-thought out, this is just it.

Darnell: Appealing in all aspects. It’s not just physical, it’s personality-wise, in the things a girl does, in the way she is around you if she’s comfortable around you, and what she does around you. 

Why do you think you’re going to find quality women on Tinder?

Chase: I don’t think I’m going to. 

Brendan: If I had to. I feel like a lot of Tindering for me wasn’t about finding someone, it was more connecting with someone I already knew. Swiping right on someone from high school or from a course I took here at Laurier that I never approached before, and then they swipe right too and it’s like hey, y’know.

Darnell: I don’t think in this day and age people are on Tinder to find a quality girl or guy. I’m sure some are, but I think the majority are on there for a quick hookup or someone to talk to. I’m not saying people aren’t quality, but it’s all about your motives going into it.

Noah: No guy does? Like, as much as Tinder was devised to be a dating app, it’s become a hookup app. If you happen to find a girl who’s cool and it works out, you’re a lucky guy.

Eric: I don’t think you will. If that’s what you’re thinking. I think it depends on the guy, but I also think it’s the persons reasons for being on there in the first place. Whether it’s simply for extracurriculars or to find someone to hang out with and see where it goes.

Why are guys either really freaked out by virgins or really turned on by them, but like nothing in between?

Chase: Cause they’re exotic. Or rare.

Brendan: I think cause I’m 22 now, it’s rare to find a virgin. It’s a turn off if I know they’ve slept with my buddies or teammates. It’s a turn off because they’re inexperienced. Specifically, for me. It doesn’t really matter. It’s intriguing; not a good thing or a bad thing.

Eric: I think when we were in high school, it was a bit of a different story because it was more common. Being in university, it’s more of a surprise so it can freak guys out, more so at 22 than 16. I feel like it might be a turn-on because you can be that first time, and a lot of guys enjoy that.

Noah: I think people freak out because if you sleep with a virgin, there’s the worry they’re going to become super attached and clingy and never want to let you go. It can be a turn on because you’re her first…. you’re excited because you get to show her the ropes.

Darnell: Usually they’re freaked out because there’s the stigma of taking a girls’ virginity and her being clingy, and they feel the need to be attached. It’s a turn on because you have the opportunity to just kick it off. There’s nothing to compare it to, you can’t be undersold.

Why do you underestimate the intelligence of women? We always end up finding out anyway.

Chase: I never have. I know that every girl is a detective. I’ve learned the hard way a few times.

Brendan: I don’t truly believe you guys find out everything. I guess sometimes the reward outweighs the risk.

Noah: First of all, now we’re all categorized as the same if this is about cheating. A lot of males, especially in their immature years, have grown up playing a lot of sports and being competitive. It’s always been a challenge. Even with dating, there’s still a huge competition. You go back to your guys and can be like guess what? But I think that it goes both ways somewhat for girls. Before you mature, I think you’re 100% driven by your biological urges.

Eric: Personally, over the last few years, I haven’t. You learn that pretty quick. There’s no sense in trying to, because 90% of the time, they’re smarter than you. I think it’s a cultural issue that men underestimate women. The more close female friends a guy has, the more they value their intelligence and everything.

Darnell: I think women are so much smarter than men. I will say that openly 100%. Guys are stupid and make some stupid decisions.

So, what are you doing tonight?

Chase: School work and a couple video games.

Brendan: Football practice, then going home and cuddle the fuck out of my body pillow. Maybe light a candle Idk…

Darnell:Tonight, I am probably just going to look for my quality girl on Tinder, while playing Fortnite.

Noah: Watching Harry Potter 5… with the boys.

Okay fine…that question was me (Jenna).

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