Her Campus at WLU is Hiring!

Ever read our articles? Attended one of our events? Seen our booths in the concourse? Heart reacted to something on our social media? Now’s your chance to get involved! Hiring for new members is now open and all Laurier Waterloo students are invited to apply before 31 December. You don’t have to be a her to get involved with Her Campus! 

Thinking of getting involved but not sure where you would fit or your responsibilities? Well, check out this handy guide for an idea!

Writing Team

Responsibilities: Write at least one 450+ word article per week of the academic term. Writers include their own images and gifs, and respond to Aaron Hagey, head editor. Writers pitch their article idea, meaning a topic and an angle, at Monday night meetings and must write their approved article idea before 4:00 p.m. that same Thursday. 

Apply here!

Editing Team

Responsibilities: Edit the work of approximately 3-5 authors per semester on a weekly basis. Editors will check articles for spelling and grammar, as well as our HCWLU style guide, between the 4:00 p.m. Thursday deadline for writers and the 4:00 p.m. Saturday deadline for editors. If you already have strong editing skills, this is an easy, low-stress, low time commitment way to get involved. Editors also respond to Aaron Hagey, head editor!

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Events Team

The events team is responsible for planning and executing all of the HCWLU socials! The Winter semester is always more exciting for events, so now is your opportunity to get involved in planning something big! We’re always looking for low-cost/no-cost ways to be more involved around campus, so if you’ve got an idea, now’s the time to share! The events team responds to Maddy Prentice, Events Director. 

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Marketing Team

The marketing team makes connections on campus and off campus. Marketing is the way we reach students, whether that be through posters or concourse boothing. But marketing is also responsible for all of our collaborations! Whether you have a club that would make a great partner in an event for HCWLU or a local business that we could write an article on, marketing makes those connections and gets the ball rolling. The marketing team responds to Sarah Tyler, Marketing Director. 

Apply here! 

Social Media Team

Is your Instagram fire? Tweets hilarious? Even have a Youtube channel? Our social media team does it all! Each member of the team is assigned to a specific platform based on preference and skills, and they are responsible for posting at least three times per week on that platform. The social media team is also responsible for making sure that all images are properly credited to the original source. The social media team responds to Sarah McCann, Social Media Director. 

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Can I still write if I’m not on the writing team?

Absolutely! The writing team has to write every week, but members of other teams are always encouraged to write as well, as long as you get your assigned responsibilities done first! 

Can I be on more than one team?

No, you can only be on one team at a time. However, members of other teams can certainly help out with writing, events, marketing, and social media! Just ask the head of that section how you can get involved.

What’s the time commitment like?

Most of the time commitment for HCWLU is on your own schedule. We only meet as a group once a week for regular meetings, and events happen periodically throughout the semester. The rest is up to you, and you can do your responsibilities at your own pace!

When are meetings?

We meet every Monday night after classes finish at 10:00 p.m.. For safety purposes, we will only post the location in our closed team groups. These meetings are mandatory, and we do take attendance!

Is there any cost to join?

No! HCWLU is totally free to join. You may occasionally be asked to purchase items for the team, especially if you’re on the marketing or events teams, but these costs will always be reimbursed through HCWLU via the generous amount that is provided to us by the Arts’ Undergraduate Society.

I’m not in an Arts program, can I still apply?

Though many members of our team come from majors like English, Communications and History, any major or year can apply to join HCWLU. To keep our funding, we need to have 50% +1 representation from the Faculty of Arts, but this has never been an issue before!