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Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier is Hiring for the Winter 2021 Term!

Happy new year!! Last semester was definitely different than most due to the online and distanced learning we faced. It may seem hard to get connected when we are all logging in from around the world, but there are still some ways to get involved. Joining Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier is one of them!

We are hiring general members for three of our teams for our Winter 2021 semester! If you are interested in joining Her Campus WLU, read further and get those applications in!!

What is Her Campus?

Her Campus originated in 2009 by three Harvard students, and has been an excellent media outlet targeted towards postsecondary women of all kinds! Her Campus has become the #1 online publication towards women, with its multiple different brands, such as College Fashionista, Spoon University and Her20s, and their influencer communities Campus Trendsetters and InfluencerHer Collective.

The Her Campus Chapter Network is where our organization falls and is one of the 400 chapters across the world! We are grateful and proud to announce that Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier falls into the top 5% of all the 400 Her Campus chapters! We encourage our members to be ourselves and work to empower university students with the content we produce and the events we hold! Her Campus helps develop skills related to journalism, editing, marketing and event planning, so there are many benefits to joining a club like this!

Who can join?

All undergraduate students who are enrolled at Laurier's Waterloo campus and welcome and encouraged to apply, no matter your year, program or where you'll be during this semester! We have changed our format to being entirely online due to the remote learning restrictions, so you can log in from anywhere! We focus more on topics that target the female population, but we encourage anyone, regardless of your gender orientation, to apply if you are interested! 

What positions are you hiring for?

Three of our four general member teams are accepting members for the Winter 2021 semester!


Our writing team is responsible for all our super original and creative content on our site! Writers are expected to write one 450+ word article a week, on any topic of their choosing! Common topics include entertainment, current events, relationship advice, and lifestyle, but we encourage writers to write about anything and everything they find important and are passionate about! If you want to share your thoughts and opinions on anything or speak on important topics to you, writing may be just the position you need!

Apply here!


Our events team plan internal socials we have as a club, which helps with team bonding, and external events for the whole Laurier community! If you have great ideas for bonding and bringing people together, this is a great position for you!

Apply here!


Our Marketing team is responsible for increasing awareness about Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier on our social media platforms! The members are in charge of running our social media accounts, giveaways, plan partnerships and takeovers and run other marketing campaigns! If you have great ideas for Instagram story challenges or make super creative and fun TikToks, then you are the kind of person we'd love to have on our marketing team!

Apply here!

Is experience necessary?

Nope! We encourage anyone who is interested and who has passion and enthusiasm to apply! We encourage our members to learn new skills and push themselves past their boundaries to get all they can out of our organization! We have some more competitive positions in which experience would help, and in our applications we look for creative and original ideas, but do not require any experience!!

What is the time commitment like?

We ask that all our team members attend our weekly virtual meetings, that range from 30 minutes to an hour each week! Our meetings are held at a time that works for the majority of the members, but we provide accommodations whenever needed if other circumstances or commitments arise! Other than our weekly meetings, each team has its own time commitments but should not be longer than 2 hours a week!

Why should I join Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier?

Her Campus is a great club to be in as it gives many and valuable opportunities to learn new skills or improve ones you already have! You'll be a part of an empowering community that is different than any other at Laurier! Especially with our strange year, getting involved is more important than ever, and Her Campus is a great way to do this!!

Have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to email our co-presidents at hc.wilfridlaurier@hercampus.com or reach out to us on social media!

We can't wait to hear from you! HCXO!

Chelsea Bradley

Wilfrid Laurier '21

Chelsea finished her undergrad with a double major in Biology and Psychology and a minor in Criminology. She loves dogs way too much and has an unhealthy obsession with notebooks and sushi. You can find her quoting memes and listening to throwbacks in her spare - okay basically all - her time. She joined Her Campus in the Fall of 2019 as an editor, acted as one of two senior editors for the Winter 2020 semester and worked alongside Rebecca as one of the Campus Correspondents for the 2020-2021 year!
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