Having Your Twin/Sister at University is the Best Form of Medicine

The experiences within University can range from amazing and inspiring opportunities to stressful life challenges. Having your sister there throughout the ups and downs of life is one of the greatest gifts. Having her at University is the cherry on top of my University experience.  

A sister is the ultimate gym buddy

A gym buddy is always close by when your sister lives on campus. She is the one who can push you to limits that you thought would never be possible. When you’re together you feel like any machine in the gym is no match for the both of you. You keep each other active and positive about your personal goals.

The best shoulder to cry on is your sister’s

When life is starting to pile up, your sister is there to comfort and love you with all her heart. Usually, this scenario leads to a huge cry fest because when one twin cries so does the other. Either way your sister is there to cry with or cheer you up on a rough day.

Study dates without her just aren’t the same

Whether you are hitting up the library or studying off campus in a café with your sister, shit usually gets done. It may take an unexpected 30 minutes to stop talking about all the things each other has done within the week, but after that delay guns are loaded and work is accomplished. 

Laugh attacks with her will make your day 1000 times better

When you’re both in a giggly mood and you just can’t stop laughing about the weirdest or simplest things. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can stop one another from constantly breaking out in a laugh. Once it’s started there is no going back.

Her house is your second home

Whenever you want a place to hang out your sister will always welcome you to come over. You pretty much have two homes at your University: your own and hers. Her roommates have a good understanding that you could likely pop in whenever, even if your sister’s not home.

Night outs with your sister are nights you wish you remembered

Getting ready and going out on the town with your sister can lead to a chaotic and wild night. When getting ready together, you can count on your sister to be straight up about whether or not you look good. By the time you’ve figured out what to wear, you can conclude that she is your sister and will always think you look beautiful no mater what. As for going out, you can rely on your sister to be there for you despite all of the crazy events that are bound to happen over the course of a night. She is there to hold your hand, hair, or whatever other items you have lost. Most importantly, she is the only person you need to have a great night.

Thankfully, I’m lucky that my twin and I both attend the same University and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Love you sis.