Fourth Year Blues: How to Stay Motivated and Finish Strong

After the past three years of grueling essays, hundreds of pages of readings, late night study sessions and enough tears shed to fill a bathtub — I’ve come to the final stages of my undergraduate degree! Fourth year has been an interesting ride thus far and oftentimes I hear how both my friends and other people around me are finding trouble staying motivated to finish their degree on a high note. Here are some things that I have been doing in fourth year to avoid coming down with a case of senioritis.

Set Small Goals

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your life can’t be planned out that way either. Being realistic with what you wish to accomplish within a short amount of time is the key to being successful, especially when it comes to your academic career. That could be something like designating one day of the weekend to do readings, having a plan set out for a major research paper — or even finding time to focus on yourself.

Get Involved in Extra Curriculars

Don’t write yourself off yet! Joining a club on campus is a fabulous way to keep yourself involved, as well as motivated. For myself, I found that joining Her Campus and being an executive for another club was a great way to keep myself accountable and excited about something each week! It is also a great opportunity to be social and meet a bunch of people with similar goals and interests to yourself.

Take Care of Yourself

This is going to sound like it’s a no-brainer, but remember to take care of yourself! It’s easy to forget to eat healthy, get enough sleep and exercise when you feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Remember, there’s nothing good that can come from not eating and sleeping! Your health needs to be a priority!

Stay Organized

It’s easy to get a case of senioritis and have your marks show if you’re unwilling to keep yourself organized! Whether it be investing in an agenda or keeping track of due dates in your phone’s calendar app —  keeping yourself on track and aware of upcoming deadlines will help tremendously!

Don’t Forget the Bigger Picture

Four years during your undergrad is a drop in the bucket when we talk about your life as a whole. Remember the bigger picture, and don’t get hung up over small things that you can’t change. Rather, remember that there’s more to life after graduation! You’re going to land that dream job, you’re going to travel the world, you’re going to be okay! You’re almost there —  it’s the home stretch!

Remember to Have Fun

You’re allowed to let loose once in a while and actually have some fun! Remember, most of your friends are probably experiencing the exact same stuff. So, perhaps find a way to have fun in a large group: whether it be an outing to a pub, dinner or even something as simple as a movie night at someone’s house — it can help you to let loose, have some fun and make the most out of your last undergrad year!

You’re almost there! Keep up the great work!