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The First Year Experience, Told Through Gifs

Leading up to university, we’ve all heard the, “you need the res experience”, and oh boy have we gotten it! Here are your classic first-year problems in gifs.  

When your roommate thinks they’re home alone and has really loud sex.

When you forget your key and are locked out for a loooong time.

When your room perma-smells like garbage and no one wants to do anything about it.

When the Duty Dons knock on your door and your heart drops.

When you can’t find your kitchen sink because there are so many dishes.

Those “roommate meetings”.

When you live with too many girls and there is more hair than floor tiles.

When your floor mates are having a party and you hear the Duty Don knock.

When you commit “floorcest”.

When you have to create your own recipes because you ran out of the basic ingredients.

When you haven’t changed your sheets since you moved in because you don’t know how.

When your mom comes up for lunch, and you know you’re eating well. 

When you walk around campus in your Laurier attire with your floor during O-week and everyone older hates you.

That messy roommate. 

When you come home wasted and wake up your entire building.

When your health deteriorates and you accept a lower quality of life because someone on your floor is always sick.

When you can never walk around naked because people come in and out of your room as they please.

Your first spin dip.

When the freshman 15 becomes reality.

When you realize how poor you are.

When you realize your Don is actually really cool.

When they tell you no guests for big events like HOCO or St. Paddy’s. 

When you realize you’re moving out soon and you really will miss res, even just a little.

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