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I’m somewhat under the impression that a person of good morals should be repulsed by anyone who has admitted to cheating, or is a known cheater. Naturally, one should feel anger toward another human who has stepped outside of their monogamous relationship in pursuit of a “side hoe” or alternative partner because we’ve been taught that this is just wrong, right?

Cheating is the easiest way to breach trust with another individual. It’s easy to look around and see the damage being cheated on does to a person. There is a profound lack of trust toward anyone and everyone who tries to get close- a fear of falling in love because they could have their heart broken again. And yet, with this knowledge in the palms of our hands, people still decide to cheat. Whether it’s one time in the heat of the moment, or multiple times at their well thought out discretion.

Well, I don’t necessarily know that for sure if I can maintain negative feelings toward people who are known to me as cheaters.

This may be my psychological or sociological background creeping in on my moral judgment, but evolutionarily, men are not built to mate with one female, and females are not built to mate with one male long-term. It is part of our evolutionary makeup to populate the earth. On the other hand- we are a socially developed species, with knowledge of power in relationships and forming social bonds. That should mean forming a strong relationship with one partner for the bettering of each other’s lives. Is cheating an evolutionary pre-set creeping in on some people who fail to suppress a need for multiple partners, or are people who cheat just bad?


As I said, I have some very close friends who have been cheated on- and they enter relationships with extreme caution. I also have friends who have cheated on their partner, and I don’t seem to think much less of them for it. It’s not my position to judge really. I’ve never been cheated on, and hopefully never will be. I’ve also never cheated. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had these experiences personally that I have this opinion.

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Jenna Weishar

Wilfrid Laurier

Fourth year, 20-something year old Psychology and Sociology Major at Wifrid Laurier University. Sorority Girl. Lover of Grey's Anatomy, the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Sex and the City. Relies heavily on caffeine to get through the day, and wine at night. Follow me on Instagram: @jennaweishar and Twitter: @jennaweishar
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