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Campus Profile: Veronica Thompson

As we near the end of another trip around the Laurier sun, some are polishing off their final year and getting ready to be handed that piece of paper we all come here to get. Meet Veronica, or as many know her by, Ron.


Name: Veronica Thompson

Age: 21

Year/Program of Study: Fourth Year General Arts

Favourite Bar: Chainsaw

Relationship Status: Single af

Campus Crush: Maxwell Zibaei; he likes it when I touch his beard, and I like that he lets me touch his beard

Fun Fact: I used to be on the wall at Chainsaw

Where can we follow you?

Twitter: @vthompson_

Instagram: @ronniethompson

LinkedIn: Veronica Thompson



I’ve gotten to know Veronica through our experiences together in Alpha Omega. Here are just a couple of things she has been known to say, day-to-day.


“Thank you, so much” (but pause after “you” and really enunciate that “SO”).

“Funnel WILL and can travel”


Tell me a little about your four years at Laurier.

I lived in Waterloo Collegiate Hall in first year and joined Alpha Omega sorority in my first semester. In second year, I was on the executive team as treasurer, in third year was vice president of Greek Council, and currently I’m the social chair in my final year. In first year I also joined the WLU Rotaract, a group that supports local and international charities. I participated in Winter Carnival as part of the Super Smashed Bros in second year and the Bad News Bears for third and fourth. As a third and fourth year student, I was an Ice Breaker. I was part of the Gold Argonauts last year and the Green Wranglers this year. Also, I have been a part of Peer Connect, Healthy Lifestyles, and working at Starbucks since third year.


What was your most memorable experience as a Golden Hawk?


Where are we most likely to find you on campus?

Nowhere these days; I’m only on-campus Monday nights for class or attending weekly sorority meetings. But when I was in second year I spent most of my time in the concourse. Good people, lots going on.


Where is the last place we would find you on campus?

The Solarium. I feel like a fish because it sounds like aquarium. Also, it’s always really hot and way too quiet in there.


What does the post-grad future hold for you?

In the fall I will be starting my post-graduate Event Management program at Niagara College (fun fact: I was getting my nails done the other day, and the lady I was beside gave me a business card for events so it must be fate). As for after post-graduate studies, I will live wherever I can find a good job, which hopefully isn’t Toronto.


As you near the end of your final year, what is your top Laurier Life Hack?

Don’t do anything you don’t want to because it won’t enhance your experience at all, and it will seem like more of an inconvenience. People will tell you to get involved, but really, if you don’t want to then don’t. Do whatever makes your university experience the best for you.


What is your biggest piece of advice for incoming first year Golden Hawks?

There are a couple things I’ve learned over the past four years. First, it’s okay to change your major often. I started in BBA, switched to Communications, and am graduating with a General Arts degree. Also, grades aren’t everything and it’s important not to stress yourself sick over this. Do your best; honestly, the rest will work itself out. Your experience is important too. As long as you pass and do your best, you will get a degree. What I think all of this really leads to is don’t sweat it. Enjoy university; it isn’t all stress and schoolwork.


What is the number one piece of advice you would give your first year self?

Be comfortable with who you are, f*ck it!

Jenna Weishar

Wilfrid Laurier

Fourth year, 20-something year old Psychology and Sociology Major at Wifrid Laurier University. Sorority Girl. Lover of Grey's Anatomy, the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Sex and the City. Relies heavily on caffeine to get through the day, and wine at night. Follow me on Instagram: @jennaweishar and Twitter: @jennaweishar
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