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Brighten Up Your Feed by Following These Social Media Accounts

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Although social media is often the reason why our phone screen times are so high, it can also be an amazing tool that allows us to connect with people we may have never met before. In order to do this, you have to engage with content that you enjoy, curating a feed that shows you what you want to see and represents who you are!

@Let My People Glo on Twitter

This account is something that I actually stumbled across recently because @Hercampuslaurier follows it on Twitter! The content is wise, inspiring and can be a great pick-me-up when you aren’t feeling that great about yourself. There are a couple of handles that you can follow to engage with this content, however, I personally like using Twitter because new tweets can pop up on your page easily and it’s also easy to go through and see how other people relate to the words.  The individual behind the account’s name is Michell Clark. He’s a father, dad and speaker whose aim is to build a positive and supportive community for people to connect to.

@Naichelizette on TikTok

This creator radiates good vibes. Her content focuses on enjoying the little things in life and she gives multiple ideas per video on how to make your day a little more fun. I find that a lot of her content focuses on connecting with your inner child and making time for yourself each day. She’s also in the process of writing a book and I am so excited to see what she comes out with!

@We the Urban on Instagram

This account is super popular with 4.5 million followers, so I think that a lot of you might aware of it! However, I still wanted to add it to this list because I think it’s worth mentioning and the nature of the content has changed over the last few months! The content on this account changed from its previous style of using only repeated words or affirmations on a graphic to including this style along with a number of quotes, images and ideas that are in the format of slide posts on Instagram. I want to give a disclaimer that with any inspirational and motivational content, you may find things that “you already know,” but I honestly think that the simplicity and repetition of ideas that a lot of us know are what makes this type of content great. Plus, you never know when you read something when it’s going to actually stick with you.

@wisdm8 on TikTok or @wisdm on Instagram

If you’re into fashion and cool outfits, you have to follow @wisdm8. He’s a fashion icon at the ripe age of 20 years old and has such a confident persona that makes you want to engage with his content further. He’s blown up on Tiktok so much that he has grown from having around 1 million followers to 7.9 million over the last two years! Wisdom was even recently was signed to IMG Models Worldwide and Vogue has even called him the “Best Dressed Guy on Tiktok.” One of the common videos he makes is replying to comments from his supporters who ask him to try to encapsulate certain themes into his fashion looks and he always kills it every single time. One of my favourite series he’s done is dressing up like Marvel superheroes and villains because he puts his own twists on what the characters look like. Another one of my favourite videos of his is when he makes outfits that are within a lower or cost-effective price range as he includes pieces that are reasonable for the average person to implement in their closet. Overall, I highly encourage you to check him out!

@thamilinib on Instagram

If you know me, you know that I love to support local creators and businesses- so if there’s any account you want to follow from this list- let it be this one! This account is run by Thamilini Balakumar, a videographer based in the GTA. She’s into all things creative and has done a variety of fashion and scenic photography and videography. Thamilini is also a current student at the University of Waterloo and is in the Global Business and Digital Arts program. She’s been working with @Redlotus for the past year and is now expanding her horizons through her own account. Recently, she even directed an ad for Sephora Canada! I can’t wait to see what else Thamilini does in the future and I am excited to watch her grow!

@zeth on TikTok

Every time I see one of @zeth’s videos on my FYP, I start smiling without fail. Zeth’s content revolves around conversations with him and his toddler-aged daughter, Saylor, who is super well-versed for her age! Their conversations revolve around a number of things- such as what Saylor’s been up to lately or her thoughts on topics that her dad brings up. Their interactions are always so adorable and I love hearing Saylor talk because she has such a cute voice! Saylor is honestly the star of this account and Zeth knows it too!

@saraechegaray on TikTok

Sara is such a fun person to watch because her videos are always different! She’s an aspiring actor and often lip syncs to acting challenges or creates her own acting pieces along with other creative videos. I know that sometimes TikTok acting can be a bit over the top or a little cringey at times, but Sara is definitely not one of these people. She’s gone to school for theater and it’s clear that she really takes acting seriously. As a side note, it’s been so fun to see Sara’s platform grow and I’m so proud of her for landing a role on Disney Plus’ The Big Shot starring John Stamos for the upcoming season! I can officially say that I supported her from the beginning because I am very confident that this role is one of many that she will end up taking on.

@basementgang on TikTok and Instagram

If you don’t know who @basementgang is- I don’t know what to tell you. Their videos originated on TikTok but have also made their way to Instagram reels and might have even appeared in your family group chat. The basement gang consists of three friends- Kadeem, Nate and Nickpost who post videos of them dancing and vibing to music from various cultures and their energy is always top-tier. An amazing thing about this account is that you can tell that the three of them are genuinely having fun dancing and appreciating the music they’re listening to!

@hercampuslaurier on all platforms and hercampuswlu on Tiktok

Okay, yes- I might be biased to Her Campus Laurier’s content because I love our team but even before I joined HCWLU, I loved looking through our Instagram account. The HCWLU Instagram is so aesthetic and vibey plus there are weekly shoutouts of new articles that are posted to our account. In addition to IG, we also have Twitter, Tiktok and Pinterest that are also super fun to follow and engage with, so I definitely recommend you check them out.

I highly recommend you check out these accounts and support their content! If these accounts aren’t your style or you are looking for more to follow, I recommend searching up content that you enjoy and looking through those suggestions. Social media can expose us to new ideas, creators or areas of interest that can become a part of our lives if we let it!

Anuva Arrya Sharma

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Anuva A. Sharma is a passionate writer and an advocate for marginalized people. She's a third-year Political Science student and is one of the Presidents for the WLU Her Campus Chapter! When she isn't writing articles, you'll likely find her reading a good book and drinking some cranberry tea or dancing in her room!
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