Beyond an Apple a Day: Regaining Your Health

We’re all sick of being sick. Nobody asks to be sick, but it’s not always avoidable. I was hit with some sort of wicked sickness over the reading week, and it was not fun. This article is a reflection of my time being sick and what I did to escape this negative experience.

First of all, food is something I took into consideration. With the goal of regaining my health at the forefront of my focus, I avoided dairy, I ate a lot of soup and I made a lot of frozen fruit smoothies. On top of these considerations concerning consumption, I also took a whack-ton of random vitamins. I figured I had some sort of deficiency. When taking vitamins, make sure to consume them with a meal, otherwise they will most likely go right through you.

Next, you need to sleep. It can actually be a challenge to sleep when you’re sick, but you need sleep more than ever. If you are too busy for a long continuous sleep, try and take a couple extra naps here and there. Also, wash your sheets more often than usual, and take lots of hot showers.

Unfortunately, your skin is going to dry up, especially around your nose and lips. Moisturize like a maniac. Apply moisturizer to your face a couple times a day, and constantly apply lip chap or Vaseline — especially before you go to sleep. You may also need to exfoliate your face a bit more.

Stay on top of your choice of meds. I personally turned to the dynamic duo of Advil and Tylenol. Also, drink water like it’s going out of style. Trust me: water will make all the difference.

These are just some simple tips and reminders. If you feel like you could use some additional tips, you can always phone a friend or family member; everyone has different things which work for them. To conclude, hopefully you found this helpful, but more importantly — get well soon!