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Here we are again, amidst another round of the plague-like virus sweeping the globe. You’d think the COVID-19 gods would reflect a bit on their timing– but no, they just had to grant every other person the virus smack in the middle of the coldest, darkest season. You’re likely quite familiar with the detrimental side effects of yet another lockdown. We’ve all endured several of them before, but that doesn’t make them any easier. In hopes of making your lives a little bit brighter, I’ve made a quick guide to surviving a winter lockdown in for those moments when life just doesn’t seem that lovely. 

Freshen up

It’s about time that you get out of those sweats. They may be very comfy, but if you’ve been wearing them for a little too long, they start to add a general feeling of un-put togetherness. Putting on slightly nicer clothes (not to mention showering, washing your face, and so on) won’t only make you smell better (sorry, I had to say it), but it’ll also help you feel more productive too. It’s all a psychological thing: act as if you have things to do and you’ll be motivated as if you have things to do. 

get outside

The next step is to get outside, even though the idea might be, understandably, unpleasant. As freezing as January may be in the more Northern areas, leaving your house or apartment makes a massive difference. Staying inside for too long in the same space makes it very easy to slip into a funk, so do yourself a favour by stepping outside even for just a few minutes. Even better, go for a walk in a park and immerse yourself in nature. Exposure to nature can boast significant health benefits, both mental and physical. It doesn’t really matter what you do or how long you go out for, getting some fresh air allows for a change of scenery and as a result, a change of mindset.  

deviate from your routine

Is there an enjoyable activity that you may not normally have in your daily routine that you consider to be an authentic expression of yourself? If there’s a passion or a certain hobby that comes to mind, go for it! If you’re having trouble, look around your space. Look for something that makes you smile when you see it, but that you may have been neglecting recently. You may get an idea. This idea can be a pursuit of anything that is fresh and brings you joy; maybe you realize how much you used to enjoy yoga, or how you’ve always wanted to try painting. Maybe you remember to call someone you love, or you simply decide to dance around in your room (I highly recommend!). The bottom line is that a bit of change works wonders, especially when you return to a true, inspired version of yourself in the process.

So, to all of you lovely individuals out there, I wish you the best of luck. Follow this guide and hopefully, even in this crazy, scary time, you’ll find a bit of happiness and beauty. 

Natasha Shantz

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Hi! My name's Natasha and I'm a writer for Her Campus Laurier. Writing had been a home for me since I was in elementary school, typing up fantasy and fairytale novels. I like to write about a broad variety of topics, such as self-improvement, social issues, literature and pop culture. When I'm not writing or studying, you can find me dancing to music in my room, sipping coffee in a cafe, or reading a book.
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