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5 Tips for Dealing with Graduation

As graduation is fast approaching, stress is undoubtedly building up.  As fourth years in particular, we are all asking ourselves, “What should I do with my life?” Many application deadlines for graduation, jobs, and graduate studies are due ASAP.  Here are some tips to help you get through the stress of graduation and how to prepare yourself to graduate!

1. Apply to Graduate This may not seem like the biggest concern for you right now, but in order to graduate (believe it or not), you have to apply to do so. There is a deadline on the application, so you have to make sure that you have applied well in advance of the season you are graduating in. For those looking to graduate after this upcoming winter semester, the application is already open on Loris. Login to your Loris account and you can find the application at the bottom of the page under the “Student Services” section.  Make sure to apply before that deadline, soon-to-be-graduates!   

2. Attend Career Centre EventsThe Laurier Career Centre offers many workshops and events to help you prepare for the real world.  Many students might not be aware that if you attend all five of their featured workshops, you can receive a certification from the Career Centre that you can add to your resume. Not only are there workshops on resume writing, interview skills, etc., but the Career Centre also offers job recruiting sessions, where representatives from a given company come in to speak about job opportunities and provide more information. This is a great opportunity for students looking for potential jobs, to have your questions answered, to get your name and personality out there, and to even hand in your resume and score an interview. 

3. Apply for JobsIf you are looking for a job to start after winter exams, now is the time to apply. According to the Career Centre, employers are already on the search for students graduating in time for spring. Check the Career Centre Navigator website for job postings. TalentEgg is also a great resource. It is a website solely geared to university students looking for internships and entry-level jobs. 

4. Apply for Graduate StudiesIf you are interested in pursuing a further education, whether at university or college, deadlines for various programs are fast approaching. Make sure you do your research to determine what schools feature the program you are interested in, when the deadlines are, and what you are required to complete for the application. Balancing your time between applications and your current school work is crucial. 

5. RelaxIf looking for an immediate job or applying for continuing education is not for you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a year or two off. After all, you just spent the last four years working hard for that undergrad degree. Taking a year off to relax, travel, or work a part-time job allows for that much-needed mental break. 

Wherever life takes you after graduation, just remember to stay strong, Goldenhawks! You’ve almost made it! 

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Veronica Puistonen

Wilfrid Laurier

Contributing Writer for the WLU Campus Chapter. Fourth year Honours Communication Studies student. 
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