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The 5 Stages of Receiving a Bad Mark

I think we can all collectively agree that receiving a bad grade on a test or assignment that you thought you did well on feels like opening a present on Christmas morning only to realize you’ve been handed a large pile of sh*t. We have all been there. Fortunately, there are ways to bounce back from these travesties. Within the next few minutes, I’m going to take you through every single thing that happens when you receive a bad grade and all the steps you should take after. 

1.  The Hand-Back

*Has no idea what’s coming.* I’ve got this! I studied hard! I started working well in advance! No procrastination here. Wait…is this my paper? This can’t be mine? WTF IS THIS?

2. The Anger Stage

This can’t be happening! What kind of utter madness is this? Who marked this? I just wanna talk…

3. The Disappointment Sinks In

I really thought I nailed this one. When did things start to go wrong? 

4. Miss Motivation Makes an Appearance

AW HELL NO. This is not the end! Hello? Best professor in the world? Is that you??? Hi, yes, would your majesty please take another look at this for me?

5. Walk Away a Winner

So, they may not have adjusted your grade as much as you were hoping. But, it’s better than nothing. Hold your head up high girl, you owned it! 

In all seriousness, a bad mark – while disappointing – is not the end of the world. Go see your Professor! Take a look at the answer key to see where they can possibly squeeze a few extra marks in for you. Or, if they’re a true gem, see if they’ll shift some weights around for you to lessen the blow. You worked hard, you deserve to know why you received the mark you did. Don’t shy away from going after the mark you want!

Michelle DiCeglie

Wilfrid Laurier '19

Hi everyone! I am currently a senior at Wilfrid Laurier University studying Economics and Business Management. I love the 3 F's (food, fashion, fitness) and I can't wait to share more with you all! 
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