4 Signs You’re in Your Senior Year

I remember first year like it was just yesterday...except it wasn’t. It was 3 years ago, and I’m now in my fourth and final year of university. Being a senior is a weird feeling and it brings up a lot of different emotions whenever I realize I’ll be graduating from my undergrad very soon. I can’t wait for what comes next but also wish I could stay here longer! Although I’m only 2 months into my last year, I have realized that there are certain things that seniors go through and experience that people in other years don’t. As I’m sure many people are going through the same things as me, I compiled a list of what seem to be the signs that you’re in your senior year of university.

1. Sweats, sweats and more sweats

Maybe this isn’t the case for everyone, but during my first year I always tried to look “presentable” in my classes, meaning I’d do my hair, makeup and wear a cute outfit. As the years went by I started caring less about my appearance and by the time I got to fourth year I basically gave up on ever looking good in class altogether. I’ve noticed that me and my friends try and put in a little effort during the first week of classes for each semester, but that’s about it. My personal fourth year uniform is messy hair, no makeup and sweats on sweats.

2. You’re stressed about post-grad life

There are so many options for what someone can do after their undergrad and while it is super exciting to think about, it can also be very overwhelming! Some people go on to further their education by doing their masters, going to law school or trying out a college program, etc. Others take a year off to work and save money, and some use this time in their lives to travel. In addition, some people jump right into their careers after their undergrad. Although it may feel like it sometimes, there is no set path for anyone. It can definitely be frustrating having so many people ask you what your plans are after you graduate, especially if you’re not 100% sure yet. Like I mentioned earlier, there are multiple options on what to do after you graduate, so whatever feels right at this point in your life is what you should look into doing next year!

3. You’re experiencing “senioritis”

Everyone talks about senioritis when you’re in high school but no one brings up the fact that it is a very real thing in university as well. Senioritis is often characterized as having a decline in motivation or academic performance during your final year. For those who are not planning on doing future schooling, this can be especially tempting. For those who are experiencing a bit of a drop in the motivation department, just remember that you’ve made it this far and have almost reached the finish line!

4. Reminiscing about your undergrad experience

When I think about graduating, I often think about how lucky I am that I am leaving behind a school where I was able to make so many great memories and friends over the years. It honestly makes me emotional to think about already, so I know that when it comes time for actual graduation, I am going to be a mess. Between both the good and bad times, easy and hard, I have had an amazing experience here at Laurier. I will be leaving with friendships that will last me a lifetime, even though we may no longer go to school together.