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4 Restaurants on My Bucket List

With Peel Region and other areas across Ontario lowering their restrictions and moving closer to reopening, I am excited for the pandemic to be over so that I can finally sit down and actually enjoy meals with my friends and family. After spending months seeing mukbang videos, blogs and people raving about new food spots opening up in the GTA, I definitely have a small bucket list of places I would love to try once everything is back to normal. Here are a few of the new restaurants on my list!

1. 6ix Donutz (@6ixdonutz)

While I'm a Krispy Kreme lover, if their Instagram is anything to go by, 6ix Donutz is switching things up. Their rectangular boxes are filled with 24 mini donuts, drizzled with glazes and toppings that I need to try! This is definitely number one on my list of places I'm trying to eat at.

2. The Dirty Bird (@Dirtybirdto)

If you’re a fan of breakfast foods like myself, Dirty Bird looks like a great selection. At their new Mississauga location, it looks like Dirty Bird is combining the best of both worlds, fried chicken and waffles, in their hearty and mouthwatering specials. This arrangement looks like the ultimate sandwich! 

3. Dave’s Hot Chicken (@daveshotchicken)

Dave's Hot Chicken has been getting all the rave lately. Looking at their Instagram, their burgers, hot chicken wings, fries and mac and cheese all have me wanting to wait in the long lines to find out what makes them so popular. Overrated or not, I definitely want to try their hot chicken sandwich and milkshakes.

4. Pear Eats (@pear_eats)

You haven't had a real sandwich until you've tried the Asian fusion sandwich bao. Since moving back home, I have been searching for a great sandwich bar that serves bao, and the newly opened Pear Eats looks like the spot. With exciting varieties such as crab, duck, chicken and egg served on pillowy bao buns, they have enough different bao for anyone's taste buds and preferences. With so many options, I'm convinced one isn't enough! If sandwiches aren't your thing, they do also offer a wide variety of rice bowls.

I'm counting down the days when I can finally sit in a restaurant. Until then wear a mask, wash your hands and enjoy!

Elizabeth Lewis

Wilfrid Laurier '22

Writer for HerCampus Wilfrid Laurier.
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