18 Ways That Elf Perfectly Describes Exam Season

1. When you know exam season is coming but it still sneaks up on you. 

It gets you every time.

2. When you’re regretting that you didn’t start studying 3 weeks ago.  

But then you remember that midterms were 3 weeks ago.

3. When you have to act like you’re okay even though you have 8 essays, 5 exams, and 3 presentations due this week.

4. When you apologize to yourself for binge-watching Netlfix last night.

Procrastination, population: you.

5. When you aren’t really sure what you are doing, like… at all.

6. But you try to pretend like you do

7. When you feel like everyone and everything is against you.

8. When someone asks how your day was. 

Seeing a puppy is possibly the highlight of 2016. 

9. When you begin stress-eating everything in sight.

10. When your professor tells you everything in the textbook is important.

HIGHLIGHT EVERYTHING… it’s all crucial information.

11. When your friends invite you out.

So much FOMO, so little time.

12. When you buckle down and get sh*t done.    

13. When you can’t have any fun because you’re too busy studying.

Exams are ruining Christmas. 14. When your mom tells you everything is going to be okay.

15. When you have been typing for 18 hours straight.  

Pretty close to getting carpal tunnel syndrome. 

16. When you’re not even halfway through your exams yet.

17. When you know an answer on the exam.

18. When you finally finish and you can start celebrating your favourite holiday break.  

Good luck everyone!