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15 Things All Impatient People Understand

Being impatient is not the best quality to possess, and unfortunately, many people are cursed with the trait, often resulting in pure AGONY. We’ve put a list together of some of the things that are the absolute worst when it comes to being impatient.

1. When people are late

If we agreed to meet at 10:00, 10:10 is NOT okay!

2. When someone says be there in 5 and it’s been 10 and they’re nowhere in sight

It’s fine. I’ll just sit here and wait. Take your time.

3. When you order something online and it says shipping will be 2-5 days, and 2 weeks later you still don’t have your package

Once that second day hits, I’m checking the mailbox multiple times a day, so don’t tell me 2-5 days when it’ll really be 10!

4. Waiting for your food at a restaurant 

Impatient and hungry is a bad combination.

5. Traffic 

I don’t think I need to say much here…

6. The stress of amusement park lines

A’int nobody got time for that.

7. Texting someone and waiting for a response

Talk about stressss.

8. Bad customer service

Shopping is stressful enough when the cashier isn’t taking forever to ring you through.

9. Shopping

Constantly being torn between wanting to shop, but not being patient enough to try on clothes. Holding it up to myself is a good enough indication, right?

10. Trying to teach your parents/grandparents technology

I just don’t understand how you don’t understand?

11. Having to wait through commercials

I just want to watch my show; why can’t I fast forward live TV yet?

12. Waiting to go to the bathroom at the bar will be the death of you

I’m sure you are having great life chats in there, but I actually need to go and you’re wasting my time.

13. Always burning your mouth from being too impatient to wait for your coffee/tea to be drinking temperature

14. When you have to update your phone or computer and it feels like an eternity 

Nothing is worse than when your technology says it will be done updating in 20 minutes and it ends up being over an hour.

15. Never understanding people who can sit calm and collected while waiting


Seeing people calm in a stressful situation of waiting makes me more impatient.

In the end, being impatient isn’t the best quality to have, but at least we are on time for things

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